{Real Couples} April & Jesse Phoenix Desert Preserve Engagement Session

We have a beautiful engagement session from Rachel Solomon Photography to share with you today! This lovely couple's session takes place in my neck of the woods, too, by the way. The Arizona desert is beautiful, and makes the perfect choice for romantic engagement sessions.

April, the bride-to-be, shared with us how they met, how Jesse proposed, and how they are facing their marriage together.  Can you guess how long they went from their first date to engagement? Find out below for those deets!

Please enjoy April & Jesse's session, beautifully captured by Rachel Solomon Photography:

The Meeting

Jesse and I met at a college group at our church, and on March 1st we went on our first official date. Then Jesse proposed on April 27th. A month and 27 days later! If you ask Jesse, he would say that was too long! He knew from day one I was it for him. I had no idea he was going to propose so soon, but why wait when you absolutely know this is the person you want to commit to spending the rest of your life with?

The Proposal

The proposal was on a Sunday afternoon on Lake Pleasant. We were invited to go out on our friend's boat for the day. After we had been cruising around for awhile, we decided to stop the boat and float for a little bit. Jesse knew this was the moment. In front of our soon to be best man and their matron of honor, Jesse nervously got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so taken aback that I had to sit down on the bench behind me. After a long gasp I was finally able to whisper a yes, although to this day Jesse still claims I never "said" yes. Something we get to joke about forever now. It was a magical and life changing moment that we'll never forget.

The Future

Marriage was never designed to be "easy" but it's so rewarding and life changing. If you let it, it will truly mold you into a more holy person according to God's design for who He created you to be. The decision to commit the rest of your life serving someone and putting their needs above your own, is a daily decision. We are the best of friends and have each other's back through the thick and thin of it, and we wouldn't ever have it any other way now and forever.

So beautiful! And, all we can say is when you know, you know.  Whether it's been a month, two months, or 3 years, grab the opportunity and run with it if you both feel the same.  We want to wish April & Jesse a wonderful wedding, and many congrats to them on their upcoming marriage!

Our special thanks to Rachel Solomon Photography for sending your work our way!

Photographer: Rachel Solomon Photography