{Real Couples} Kristine & Lucas's Desert Engagement Session

We are delighted to share another of Rachel Solomon Photography's sweet desert engagement sessions with you all today! The lighting captured in the beautiful arid Arizona landscape is stunningly beautiful.  And this couple is so utterly adorable! Their smitten stares and warm embraces say it all. 

We do have the story of Kristine & Lucas to share with you all, written by the bride.  It's a sweet recountment of how these two lovebirds met and fell in love:
The first time I met Lucas, I was about to turn 13 years old. We played carpet ball after church service together, and I thought, "Wow, he is really cute, and why is he still playing when I suck so much?!" After we had kids complain that we took forever, we both walked to the side of the front door when Lucas asked me what my name was. That is when I felt an instant connection, but being so young I really didn't know what those feelings were. As the years went on, we continued attending the same church together, and we started talking on the phone. When I was sixteen, our first date was at a coffee shop, because Lucas wanted to try the best white mocha that I had mentioned to him on the phone. He then asked me to my high school prom and we were going just as friends. But as the night grew colder, he gave me his jacket while we were sitting in the sand at this park after prom. That is when Lucas asked me to be his girlfriend. What was supposed to be just a fun night out at prom started the first night of the rest of our lives. 

We have been together for five years, and on our four year anniversary, we took a day trip to Sedona and that is when Lucas proposed to me underneath the stars.

Love it! I think it is amazing to hear of people whom met in their youth and later realize they are the ones to spend to the rest of their lives with.  

Please enjoy Kristine & Lucas's desert engagement session, lensed by Rachel Solomon Photography:

Our thanks to Rachel Solomon Photography for another beautiful desert engagement session!