{Savvy Roundup} 12 Smitten Grooms' First Glances

Quite possibly one of the best snapshots at weddings has got to be the captured moment of a groom's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time.  There might be tear filled eyes, huge smiles, endearing expressions of such awe-all uncontainable joy.  As any bride can relate, seeing the groom's reaction makes the heart pitter patter. Having that moment caught on camera helps that memory last a little longer of what it felt like just seconds before the vows...at least for me anyway. 

We've had the pleasure to feature many a wedding here on the blog, and we've rounded up our fave images of grooms' reactions captured at the perfect moment.  Please enjoy, and tell us which image is your fave!

Captured by Dan and Melissa Photography, Featured here

Captured by Viera Photographics, Featured here

Captured by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography, Feature here

Captured by Jamie Lynn Photography, Featured here

Captured by Wayne Chinnock Wedding Photography, Featured here

Captured by Greg Howard Photography, Featured here

Captured by Crystal Image Photography, Featured here

Captured by Amy Little Photography, Featured here

Captured by Fidelis Studio, Featured here

Captured by Latisha Lyn Photography, Featured here

Captured by Sarah Tew Photography, Featured here

Captured by Luminaire Images, Featured here

So...which one is your favorite? It's really hard to pick, as every expression is priceless and charming.  I have to say the 3rd one from the bottom and the last ones really get me.  They all do.  Please share your favorites with us!