{Trash The Dress} Megan & Mike's Stunning Waterfall Session

We have this stunning Trash The Dress session to share with you today that Steffi with Cariad Photography captured recently.  It's romantic, dreamy, passionate, and super sexy!  It is also a dramatic session, having taken place in a waterfall.  

Steffi described for us about this special couple's beautiful session:
Megan and Michael were married September 2, 2012 in North Georgia and we actually had scheduled the Trash the Dress Session the day after the wedding, but because of heavy rain we decided to postpone it until the Summer of 2013.

On August 5th of this year this lovely couple drove 20+ hours so we could take them on this little adventure in the North Georgia National Forest. They were so brave to go into the cold waters of this lovely little waterfall and we were all cold as can be in August, but it was such a fun session. I am very cautious what locations I use for these kind of sessions, because it is very important to me that everybody is safe. This particular waterfall is perfect since there is no deep waters...........the pool beneath the fall is shallow and the water has no currents.

Megan's dress survived wonderfully and her mother is planning on making a Christening Gown out of the dress when their first child is born.

I love the gesture of turning the bride's beautiful gown into her first child's Christening Gown! So sweet! 

Please enjoy Megan & Mike's Stunning Waterfall Session, captured beautifully by Cariad Photography:

Such a gorgeous session! I L.O.V.E the image of Megan flipping her hair! Truly all the frames captured are breathtaking.  Our many thanks to Steffi at Cariad Photography for sending over this special shoot!

Photographer: Cariad Photography