{Savvy Roundup} The Most Adorable Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

Let's take a moment today to gush over the cuteness that has been displayed on this blog-in the form of charming little flower girls & ring bearers! Whenever there are kids included into wedding parties, all must pause and swoon over the little darlings that make their way up the aisle, leaving a path of rose petals or bubbles behind them, as the bride makes her way up the aisle to meet her awaiting groom. 

Let the cuteness unfold, and please tell us which one is your favorite, although it is really hard to pick!


I have to say...this last image is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! So sweet! Do you agree? All these kiddos are cute, though, and their expressions of either terror, pure excitement and joy just makes our hearts pitter patter.  

Chime in and let us know which images captured you! 

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