{Advice} The Spring 2014 Color Report Is In!

December is not even over yet and we're talking Spring 2014 today! If you are a winter bride, your fashion choices, color palette and flowers might already be set-I sure hope so, anyway!  If your wedding is set to take place in late winter or early spring, however, you might still be shopping and planning to coordinate your colors.  

To better help with the colors for the upcoming spring season, the following info was shared with us that we are excited to pass along to you!  Learn what colors are sure to be trending at upcoming weddings, find out the meanings of each color, and get inspired for your spring wedding's color palette! 

Many will agree that spring is the most worthwhile time of year.  After braving winter’s five-month onslaught of rigid temperatures, icy terrains, and gloomy atmospheres, springtime rewards us by injecting life back into our surroundings.  As landscapes become re-introduced to natures blossoms, our senses are awakened by the warm and luminous colors that are painted all around.

It is no wonder why this is an enticing time of year for weddings!  When couples opt for spring’s most on-trend colors, it means they are choosing the most up-to-date palate that will help paint the portrait of the most unforgettable day in their lives.  Pantone, a world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems, has recently come out with their Spring 2014 color report. Become acquainted with spring’s palate of soft pastels and vibrant brights, and experiment with shades that will represent the overall tone you wish to project on your special wedding.

Placid Blue

Placid Blue Wedding Cake with gold accents - 2014 colours

This soft shade of blue has the ability to create an air of serenity and peace.  Rather than looking at it as an accent color, placid blue can be used as a solid neutral and works beautifully alone as a background color.  Consider using this shade when determining your reception’s décor, such as tablecloths, napkins, and window drapes.  Having placid blue as the backdrop will create a light, easy-going environment, sure to balance out the excitement from lively guests and entertainment.

Violet Tulip

Violet Tulip is a romantic, vintage purple. Sponsored by Mother Nature herself, this color evokes wistful nostalgia of summer days and calmi...

Believed to elicit a sense of nostalgia, violet tulip is the perfect wedding accent to symbolize old traditions uniting with a future of new memories.  This beautiful color is the perfect choice for wistful vintage-lovers, whimsical fairytale seekers, and romantic trendsetters.  Violet tulip is a lovely option for bridesmaids’ dresses as it shows you share many nostalgic memories with each woman who represents your wedding party.  It also works wonderfully on a wide range of skin tones. Head to a bridal shop like David’s Bridal and you’ll be able to obtain a dress in this color and in many different silhouettes. This allows your bridesmaids to express their own style while still maintaining a sense of uniform by wearing the same color.


Hemlock Green Cupcakes

This pastel shade of green is another subtle, yet bold, color on the spectrum.  Much like Placid Blue, Hemlock can be used as a neutral and works congruently with almost every color on the spectrum.  Best used for décor, use Hemlock as a solid background color, or as an ornamental accent color within a pattern. 


taupe sand color small silk ribbon wedding simple by ShyMyrtle
{via Etsy}

Perhaps the most familiar of pantone colors, Sand has the effect of putting people at ease.  Most commonly used as a neutral, Sand works as an excellent complimentary color against every color in the spectrum.  Sand is the most versatile, and can be incorporated in anything from décor, invitations, and attire. If you opt out of a flower centerpiece, using vases filled with sand and candles creates a romantic getaway feeling for your guests, similar to this centerpiece created by Martha Stewart.


Paloma Shoes  #pantone #paloma #wedding

Another word for ‘dove’, Paloma is the quintessential shade of sophistication.  This color can be left alone, or paired as a neutral against vibrant brights.  Consider using this shade for groomsmen wear, since it is both bold and complimentary.


gorgeous cake, raffia and sugar flowers
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There is no doubt that this spicy color will rouse ample energy.  Cayenne is an extremely bold hue that will confidently bounce off of neutrals and pastels.  In order to not bombard your guests with this daring color, choose to incorporate little touches strewn throughout your décor, possibly as an accent tones in your centerpieces.  It is best to leave this color for your reception to ensure your guests will feel inspired to dance the night away.


Little Lemon Souffles

This shade is a showstopper that exuberates blazing warmth.  If you are looking to turn up the heat on your wedding day and incorporate a tropical theme, this is the ideal color.  Freesia is a perfect option to illuminate bridesmaids’ dresses by accenting it with neutrals or confidently wearing as a solid. If you are unsure of exactly how to implement this beautifully bold color, browse this Pinterest board created by The Perfect Palette for endless inspiration.

Celosia Orange

Plume Celosia Orange
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A color as beautiful as its name, Celosia Orange indicates an air of optimism and spontaneity.  Mirroring the beauty of the setting sun, this color can be incorporated in flower arrangements, or table décor during the reception to help brighten the space.  Celosia Orange is the perfect accompaniment to the excitement of  animated guests and entertaining music.   For several ideas on how to use this bright and fun color, check out The Knot’s photo gallery for orange wedding ideas.

Radiant Orchid

pantone radiant orchid.

As the more audacious counterpart to Violet Tulip, Radiant Orchid possesses a laminating quality when paired with light tones.  If you feel that Violet Tulip is too tepid for your bridesmaids’ personalities, opt to turn up the energy with Radiant Orchid.  Either use it as a solid, or pair it with complimentary neutrals like Hemlock or Paloma.

Dazzling Blue

Flowers and more: Cayenne with a dazzling blue theme. Stand next to this table setting in your white wedding dress ladies, and you will catc...

The courageous cousin of the more unobtrusive Placid Blue, Dazzling Blue emits a certain excitement and enchantment.  This electric, scintillating shade provides a vivacious counterpart when paired with other calm tones.  Consider using Dazzling Blue in your invitations to pre-establish the enthusiasm for your big day.

Which color(s) inspire you the most? Let us know! Placid Blue definitely has our vote, with accents of Paloma-so pretty! I'm also rather smitten with the Cayenne & Dazzling Blue combo, as seen in the last image-very striking!

Stay tuned for some inspiration boards featuring these colors!

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