{Advice} Things to Remember Before Your Honeymoon

Are you planning to honeymoon with your to-be-spouse? If so, where are you headed? Whether you are headed to the shore for a week long stay at your uncle's condo, to the mountains for an extended weekend cozied up in a cabin for two, or at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, we have some tips on how best to prepare for your newlywed vacation! These pointers were shared with us, and we are passing them along to you.  We hope this helps you before you set off on your journey!

When you're in the midst of planning what could be the most expensive major event of your life, it's easy to miss the little details, especially the ones revolving around your honeymoon. In the midst of your wedding planning, take a minute to handle the small stuff so that your honeymoon goes just as smoothly as your big day.

Get or Renew Your Passport

If your honeymoon includes plans to travel to a different country, even if it's to Canada or Mexico by air, you need a passport. The time it takes to receive your passports after you apply depends on the State Department's waiting list, but the department recommends allowing up to six weeks for them to arrive. Apply for your passport as soon as possible after you've picked your honeymoon destination to avoid an expediting fee in the case that it becomes a rush.

Once you get your passport, sign it. The U.S. Department of State recommends completing the emergency contact page inside the passport, and making two copies of your passport: one to go with you and your spouse, and the other to leave with family or a friend back home.

Take Care of Any Medical Needs

Stock up on any medications you take regularly before you depart on your honeymoon. If necessary, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get a prescription refill before you go. Make sure you have an adequate supply of contact lenses on-hand for travel, or ensure your eyeglass prescription is up to date. Use convenient resources such as VisionDirect.com to order your contacts with a minimal amount of paperwork. For less work, set it up so that your contacts automatically ship when needed.
Additionally, double check to make sure your health insurance covers you for traveling abroad. If it doesn't, purchase a supplemental travel health insurance plan to protect both you and your spouse while away. The U.S. Department of State and the International Association for Medical Insurance for Travelers are good resources for finding a plan that best fits your needs.

Get the Right Gear

If you're traveling to a country that uses a different voltage system than the U.S., check your devices for their max voltage to make sure they will work. Many devices, from hair dryers to laptops, are dual or multi-voltage, meaning that as long as you have an adapter plug, you can use them in a different country without damage. Double check your gadgets by looking for the INPUT line on the plug or power pack. If it reads INPUT AC100-240 or INPUT AC120/240, you're good to go.

Pause Mail Delivery

Even if your honeymoon is only for a few days, don't forget to have your local post office put a hold on your mail while you're gone. Having the post office hold your mail is less hassle than asking a friend or relative to swing by to pick it up every day. You can place the hold online up to 30 days before you leave or as late as 2 am CST on the day of your trip. The post office will hold mail for three to 30 days.

What great advice! I actually had no idea about the Pause Mail Delivery aspect-that is good info for anyone to have! Did any of the advice help you? Let us know which tip helped, and if you have extra pre-honeymoon tips to share!