{Designs} Two Love Birds Printable Stationary Suite

Many of you may have learned that I started designing wedding stationary and signage, sold on Etsy, the last quarter of 2013.  I wasn't sure the endeavor would take off, but it really has, which I am so delighted about! So not only am I able to blog about various couples' weddings and provide wedding planning advice, I am now able to provide brides & grooms with custom designs for their weddings!

I recently finished designing a cute Two Love Birds themed stationary suite at a bride's request, and I am excited to share what I designed for her!  She was amazing to work with, was really flexible, and was open with her expectations, ideas and visions, yet let me be creative.

Having been a bride myself I understand what it means to deal with vendors, and I truly presented myself in a welcoming manner, able to make changes and provide examples as seemed fit. I advised this bride, as well as all, that they will not receive a final file unless they are happy with what they see in my drafts and proofs. This alleviates any concerns for the bride.  I work hard for each customer, wedding related or not.  I actually felt a little sad when I sent the final designs her way, as that was the end of that road!

Here are the some of the things I designed for her:

I love how these turned out, but more importantly the bride and groom loved the end results. 

If you have questions about this design, or need help, feel free to send me a message at my Etsy store: SavvyDeetsDeisngs

The next item I will be featuring is very modern for the tech savvy couple, and is so cool! Stay tuned...