{Real Couples} Stephen & Codie's Paletta Mansion Engagement Session

This fun loving couple's engagement session was sent over to us by Oana Thompson Photography. Photographer Oana photographed the young couple at a beautiful mansion in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in the early fall.  I love the lakefront views, and gorgeous natural surroundings. There are even some onlookers, of the feathered kind, about their feet for some of the shots!
Oana shared with us a bit about Stephen & Codie's story:
Stephen loves Codie like there's no tomorrow. He makes her laugh like theres no tomorrow. When he looks at her, her whole world stands still. Imagine a love like that. A love that can wash away all your troubles.

When were together for their engagement shoot I felt like a giddy love struck photographer. I could feel their love for one another rolling off them in waves. It was magical. It made me want to get home to my husband and snuggle him close.

It's wonderful to see two people just "be" together. They talked about everything! They held hands and caressed each other. They kissed. They laughed. It was the greatest couple of hours I've ever spent just basking in them as they basked in each others company.

Stephen first proposed to Codie during their lunch break at work. He just blurted it out because he knew she was the one.  The following day as she was about to lay down for a quick nap he texted her and told her to meet him outside where he was waiting on bended knee with the ring in hand. "He felt bad he didn't have the ring when he asked me the first time, but he didn't want to wait to ask me to marry him".

I love stories like this! The moment just consumed Stephen, and he couldn't contain it! How sweet, and then to make it official right away the next day. I appreciate these notes that photographers submit, for we can all use a love story in our days, and see a love struck, smitten couple just makes us smile.

Please enjoy Stephen & Codie's engagement session, captured by Oana Thompson Photography:

Our thanks to Oana for sending over Stephen & Codie's sweet engagement session!

Photographer: Oana Thompson Photography//Venue: Paletta Mansion