{DIY} 5 Unique Ways to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding Reception

If there is one thing we love around here, it is the Mason Jar! This fun round up of 5 different ways to use mason jars at your wedding reception was sent over to us, and are we so glad!  There are some ideas you may have seen, some you might not have.  Either way we hope you find inspiration by what you see below! Let us know what you'll be doing with mason jars at your wedding, at the end of the article!

Ah, the mason jar… As one of today’s hottest wedding trends, the magnificent mason has been on the rise for years and is showing no signs of letting up.  Both rustic and reformed, the stout glasses can be dressed up, dressed down and redressed over and over again to work in just about any setting.  With their flexible style and universal appeal, it’s no wonder they’ve gone to the head of the bridal class and continue to accept the “Most Popular” award year after year. 

Here are five fabulous ways to jump on board the mason jar trend train…

Create One-of-a-Kind Chandeliers or Lanterns


Probably the most popular and common use of ball jars on the list; using them for customized lighting is a killer way to create amazing ambiance, as well as a signature reception decoration look.  Because lighting is such a key element in design, this crafty project can turn into one of the most rewarding details you’ll have for your big day.

Use Them as Your Signature Drink Toasters 


Signature drinks are nothing new to wedding day trends.  They are fun, original and practically limitless in what they can be!  In case where mason jars are being used, it becomes even more fun to create a vibrantly colored signature sipper, as it will add aesthetic to your photos, as well as your memories.

Fill Them with Photos


Okay, so this is pretty much the cutest idea ever.  Most couples already to choose to display photos – be it of their engagement session, their parents / grandparent’s wedding days or youthful snapshots of them growing up.  By adding the charm of mason jar framing, they photos literally comes to life in a unique, three dimensional setting, which will definitely have guests doing a double take.

Incorporate Colored Glass for Extra Flair


Talk about an absolutely adorable idea!  Colored glass can be one of the most standout, jaw dropping details of any setting.  Whether they are filled with floating candles, sand or flowers, these awe inspired accessories were designed to dazzle… and speaking of dazzle, think how AMAZE they’ll look filled with twinkle lights! Um, love!

**Bonus: If you really like this idea, but can’t seem to locate the exact color you want, follow the DIY steps shown here, and get the exact look and color you want!  It’s a do-it-yourselfer’s dream!

Fashion Them as Favors


Great for filling with favorite desserts, snacks, treats or otherwise, the mason jar wedding favor is one of the sweetest (literally!) trends to come out of today’s modern day wedding!  Plus, because the packaging can be done up or done down pending the setting, they can also add a little something extra to your d├ęcor.

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I love the use of images in glass...it makes for a sweet way to bring in old family photos, especially for the memory table.  I also love the twinkle lights used in the jars-so cute, and very festive! Which idea strikes your fancy? Feel free to comment below!