{DIY} Brushed Gold Invitation

Happy Monday, all! We have another great DIY Wedding Invitation Tutorial to share with you today, from our friends over at Download & Print! The last tutorial they shared with us was how to make a glitzy glam wedding invitation, seen here.  Today's tutorial shares how to make a brushed gold look to your invites. As you'll see, it is very easy, and completely stunning! See for yourself, and enjoy this easy DIY project!

Hello savvy brides…It’s Anna Skye here again from Download & Print with another exclusive free printable just for you. It’s a very clean, and chic brushed gold invitation and RSVP card. The metal look comes care of a gold leaf paint pen, so easy to use… no one will every guess your secret! The fonts are modern (I’ll tell you where you can get those below), the lines are clean, and the whole polished look comes together for a fraction of the cost of boutique invitations. Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you created something stunning. Grab the free downloads and follow along with the steps below to create this set for yourself.


· templates
· white card stock 8.5 x 11
· printer
· paper trimmer or scissors
· blue painter's tape
· krylon gold leaf paint pen (as seen here)

Step 1: Download and Print

Download the template file and open in MS Word. Add your wedding details and print with your home printer.

TIP: As this is a black and white file you can get photocopies made, which will bring your production cost down even further.

The font I chose for the names is Futora Light, and the information text is in Copperplate, both of which are available to download for free. If you do not have these fonts installed on your computer Word will substitute different fonts. You can pick any fonts that you like.

Step 2: Tape

Decide how wide you want the brushed gold band at the bottom of your invitations and RSVPs, and add a strip of painter’s tape to the bottom to mark off this section. Gently push down on the tape.

Step 3: Paint

Use the gold leaf pen to “paint” a gold border. Drag the pen from the tape to the card to avoid leaks under the tape. Hold the pen at a 30-45 degree angle, leaving artful streaks to create a brushed metal look.

Step 4: Peel

Carefully remove the tape after 5 minutes.

Let the invitation dry for one hour.

Step 5: Trim

After one hour, trim the invitations and RSVP cards using a paper trimmer or scissors. A paper trimmer will be faster and will produce straighter cuts, but scissors work just fine too.

Let the paint cure for 24 hours before mailing.

Your invitation set is then ready for stuffing into an A7 envelope and mailing.

Easy, right friends? Will you be attempting to do this project? Let us know what you think in the comments field below. 

Our many thanks to Anna at Download & Print for sending another gorgeous DIY wedding invitation tutorial!