{Advice} Digital or Paper Wedding Invitations: Which will you decide?

Hi, all! We have a great topic that was sent our way, that I thought was great to share with you all, especially if you're on the fence of whether or not to send actual paper invitations for your wedding events. I've actually just had this conversation with my best friend, regarding her upcoming wedding, so it's perfect timing! My BFF, she is from the US, lives in Vietnam right now, and is closing out her time there, with her soon-to-be groom, whom is from the UK. They are traveling throughout Australia, New Zealand and on into Europe before they land back in Arizona one month prior to their wedding. Sending an online invitation had crossed their mind on multiple occasions as they are planning their wedding from afar for sake of ease, and to save money.

They've since decided the go the paper route, with their decision being based on the older generations in their families being traditional, and wanting actual invitations in hand. No matter the reason to go digital or paper, the tips below highlight some suggestions as to whether to go digital or paper in wedding stationary, and we hope you enjoy the piece. Leave us a comment below if you will go digital or send out traditional invitations!

According to TheKnot, the average cost of a wedding in 2013 was $29,858—no, that figure does not include the luxurious honeymoon. With the cost of getting married continuing to rise, couples are looking at their wedding budget for expenses to trim. Invitations and related correspondence can be one such expense. Digital invites can work for couples, and online invitations can rival the elegance of stationery with the right format and images.

Paper vs. Digital

Before taking the nontraditional digital route, discuss as a couple whether going digital will work for everyone involved and what to do if it doesn't. Paper save-the-date cards, invitations, announcements and thank-you notes can get to every member of the guest list via mail or delivery by hand. Digital versions may prove problematic for older generations who either do not have an email address or rarely check their inbox. Brides-to-be may want to print a small batch of paper correspondence for these guests.

Wedding Invite and Digital Image Websites

Websites like Evite offer digital stationary to cover all wedding-related events, from the engagement announcement to the showing of gratitude for gifts.They come in a variety of custom designs, many of which allow you to further personalize with an image.
When picking the images for your wedding correspondence, consider the following categories when designing.
  • Photos of the Bride and Groom: Many couples have a professional portrait taken for inclusion on their engagement announcement and save-the-date card. Many wedding photographers offer packages that include this session and the wedding ceremony. When hiring a wedding photographer, be sure to look at previous work and to check previous consumer reviews of the photographer. Also, ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Celebratory Images: The couple photos may not work for every item you plan to send out, for example, the digital invites for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Look for photos that capture the celebratory spirit of the event on websites such as Shutterstock, which offers professionally shot images. Pictures of fireworks or champagne glasses are fun and festive options, or if the party will have a theme you can illustrate with an appropriate photo.
During the design process, keep in mind those guests mentioned above that will need printed correspondence. Many sites allow you to search to see if a printed version can be ordered. Also, check to see what resolution the digital images will need to be for printing purposes. Be sure to opt for higher-resolution images when purchasing stock photos.

Average Costs

According to the Wedding Report, invitations cost $817. Digital costs will vary by design and number sent, but Evite promises that premium designs will always cost less than the cost of a stamp per guest. Track your finances by using an online budgeting plan with the WeddingWire budget tool.

In addition to saving money by using digital invitations, you also can add an Eco-friendly angle to your wedding events. Because online invitation services allow couples to easily manage RSVP's and other details—consider this route a sanity-saving one as well.