{Bridal Beauty} Hairstyles for Everyone on Your Big Day

bridal party hairstyles

The topic of hairstyles has been coming up lately, and we love sharing advice, tips and ideas about one of the main focal points of a bride's overall look, the hairstyle. Today's article discusses not just the bride's lovely look, but that of the flower girl and bridesmaids! Let us know what you think!

You've had a countdown to the big day on your phone since you officially set the date, but now with the wedding just around the corner, it's hard to believe there's time to get everything done. One big looming
detail: hair! For you, your bridesmaids and even your sweet flower girl, wedding photos are riding on getting everyone's hairstyle just right. Heed this tried-and-true advice to get the best wedding day hairstyles with less stress.

Hairstyles for the Bride

bridal hairstyles

Every bride has a vision of her wedding day hair. Maybe it's an elaborate updo from the Oscars or an understated, yet complex 'do a la Kate Middleton. If you want a chance of nailing this style on the big day you must start preparing a few months in advance. Interview at least three stylists and go for a wedding day trial style.

Most salons offer trial styles for a small fee, usually the same price as an updo or blowout, depending on your selected look. Bring along a trusted friend who you can count on to speak her mind and help convey what you want to the stylist. Make sure to time how long it takes to style your hair. This will help you realistically plan you wedding day timeline so you allow ample time to get ready without being rushed.
If your current hairstyle isn't cooperative in getting that look, clip-in extensions may be the answer. Whether you need length, volume or both, clip-in extensions can accomplish what you need without the cost and hair damage of traditional extensions.

Hairstyles for the Flower Girl

flower girl hairstyles

The flower girl's wedding day hair is all about highlighting her features in a natural and age-appropriate way. Let nature guide your choices. Avoid trying to straighten her ringlets or curl her poker-straight hair—you'll be fighting an uphill battle all day. Instead, opt for a simple, refined style like flowing waves or a loose bun. Add accessories such as a studded barrette or a floral headpiece that coordinates with the tone of your event's theme, or go the romantic route and add a flower that coordinates with your bouquet. Check out some of the most popular wedding flowers for inspiration on FTD.

Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

bridesmaid hairstyles

As the bride, it's your call whether you want your bridesmaids' hairstyles to be consistent, or if you'd prefer to have the gals select looks that best suit their own personal style. Whichever you choose, be sure that you clearly communicate your selection well in advance of the big day. By making your preferences known and setting a few ground rules (i.e. no dramatic color changes or cuts right before the wedding), you can avoid having a wild-haired bridesmaid in your wedding photos for all of eternity.

Whichever style you choose and rules you set in place, make sure everyone in your wedding party has ample time to touch up their hair and makeup before the post-ceremony photos. Have a designated area nearby stocked with hairspray, hot tools, hair pins and anything else your entourage will need to make sure the photos are Style Me Pretty-worthy.

Which of these helpful tips speak to you, most? I agree with the hair trial, that's a biggy! Don't go into your big day without having your hair trial.  If you're doing it yourself, obviously it's not needed, but if you're going to a salon, get the feel for 1) the stylist whom will be with you on your wedding day 2) get the feel for what your hair will look like. If you aren't comfortable with the look you see, do speak up to the stylist. I used to work for a wedding hair and makeup company (I did their marketing and social media), but I know how it goes and have seen it first hand from the salon's perspective, and I've been a bride myself, that had a trial. The stylists want to make you and your bridal ladies happy as possible. Sometimes a look you thought you'd love turns out not the right, and any stylist worth that title will always provide options, and possibly a second trial to get it right. 

Weigh in this issue and let us know your thoughts on the hairstyles for all in your wedding party, we'd love to hear what you have to say! 

Photo Credit: Photography by Lyndsey