{Advice} How Guests Can Help the Bride on Her Big Day

bridesmaids take pic of bride

We have a question for those that are going to be a guest at an upcoming wedding: Have you considered, or even questioned, how you could help the bride-to-be, before, during and/or after the wedding? Same goes for the brides: Have guests asked you what you could use help with, and do you know what to say to them? Some might be thinking, "Isn't that what the bridesmaids are there for?".  In fact, the bridesmaids are almost just as busy as the bride-to-be with their various duties, from wedding prep, to photos, speeches, helping wardrobe maintenance, and so on.

We have some savvy advice concerning this topic that was sent over to us from Ariane Fisher, Co-Founder of WeddingMix.  We have found her advice truly valuable for you lovely readers. I wish I had these tips before my own wedding! When my friend came in from Oregon, she asked what she could help with, I could've given her a task, I didn't want to "bother" her.  Knowing what I know now, these suggestions would have helped make things go more smoothly before, during, and after the big day, as little or big a task. Take a read and let us know if any of these tips speak to you. Enjoy!

Little things can go a long way when it comes to helping a bride-to-be with her big day. Guests-of-the-couple looking to lend a hand need to be assertive (i.e. don’t ask what you can do… instead just DO). Simply put: brides can be very overwhelmed with tasks but may not know how/when to ask for help.

Here are some helpful tips on way ways to support a bride-to-be before, during and after the wedding with some helpful yet sometimes over-looked tasks.

Before the Wedding

RSVP for the Wedding – Seems like a no brainer but a quick yes or no rsvp can go a long way to help the bride out with planning. Save the bride time and headache by just returning those adorable cards ASAP! Guest Perk: You won’t get a phone call from a frustrated bride asking you if you are coming, and you avoid looking like a heel!

Find a Babysitter – If you are bringing children to the wedding and want a babysitter for the reception, chances are other guests will also be looking for a sitter. Let’s face it; most brides have limited knowledge of babysitters since they may not have had children yet themselves. Guests should find a sitter for the wedding night and let the bride know the sitter will be available for other guests as well (in fact, ask her for the other parental guests names/emails to coordinate on behalf of the bride). Gest Perk: Finally, someone to split a babysitting fee with!

Day of the Wedding

Keeping the Peace – Keep an eye on the ill-behaved groomsmen, handsy uncle, or drunken guests at the reception will be a big help. Also, when announced at the reception… make sure the bridal party is lining up at the right time. Guest Perk: You look like the hero of the day!

Be her paparazzi – Most wedding day couples are using technology to capture their wedding day moments. WeddingMix is one of those apps capturing all of the couple’s special day moments on video.

Take as many photos and video you can on the wedding day. You can never have enough videos of those special moments! Then be sure to upload all those videos and pictures to the bride and groom’s WeddingMix app. Guest Perk: Every anniversary when the couple views their WeddingMix video they’ll remember all the hard work you put in for them! That is a gift that keeps on giving!

Secure the wedding gifts – With all the chaos at the end of the night, wedding gifts can (unfortunately) disappear. Check with the bride and groom early in the night to see where they want all the wedding gifts to go and be secured.

After the Wedding

Make those Returns! – Tuxedos, Table Linens, table accessories and more. After the wedding, the bride and most of the bridal party will be exhausted or hung-over. Returning their rented items: tuxedos, chair covers, tables, etc.. is a simple gesture that will go a long way. Guest Perk: Gives you an excuse to have a breather away from all of the wedding weekend madness.

Save the Cake and Bouquet – Tell the venue that you will personally be responsible for the cake top and her bouquet for safekeeping. Tell the bride you will hold them, after all, everyone should experience the fun of eating year-old wedding cake on their anniversary! Guest Perk: you get a personal follow up with the bride after her wedding, just the two of you!

Excellent suggestions! What spoke to you most? I totally agree with the keeping the peace notion, securing the gifts, and collecting the cake top and bouquet. Securing gifts didn't even occur to me, but it is an excellent idea, especially if at a public venue like a hotel, museum, etc. 

Keeping the peace needs to go to someone whom can intervene a situation. So if you're a guest that has no issue being assertive when needed, be that guy or gal! If you're the bride, whom might be the best pick for that?

And a simple thing like the cake top can easily get left behind, so giving someone that duty will ensure you'll have that keepsake to hold onto.

Our thanks to Ariane Fisher for sending this advice our way!