{DIY} 4 Budget-Friendly DIY Projects For Your Wedding

Hi crafty DIY brides, how are your projects coming along, or have you even begun to dive into the DIY wedding land? Well, if you need some guidance and ideas, we have 4 project areas that are perfect for DIY opportunities. Take a look at what's being covered, and let us know what you'll be DIY-ing in the coming weeks to your wedding!

Of course you don’t want to compromise anything about your special day, but a budget friendly wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing style. A few details made into DIY projects will not only save you cash, they will also add a unique flair to the celebration. CNN Money says the average couple spends $30,000 on a wedding, so most would probably welcome the opportunity to save a little money. These projects are easy and will make your ceremony distinctive and memorable.

making wedding invitations yourself

Ordering 100 custom wedding invitations can cost hundreds of dollars. Creating your own unique cards is a personal way to invite your friends and family to your special day. To print professional-looking invitations at a fraction of the cost, use a free font site to design your own. Look at CreativeBloq.com's list of 100 Best Free Fonts; you can find something to go with any theme, from the whimsical "Look Up" font made of curvy arrowheads to the "True Love" font that is based on old-fashion tattoo typography. To give the invitations another unique touch, use paper cut-outs to decorate the envelopes with a flower or butterfly silhouette.

cheap wedding flowers

According to TheMonarchFlower.com, professional florists generally charge $145 to more than $200 for a simple traditional bouquet and up to $500 for a cascading bouquet, not to mention bridesmaid and flower girl arrangements. Creating your own bouquet isn't as tough as it may seem. A Practical Wedding gives an easy-to-follow guide to make a beautiful arrangement that can be customized to your taste. First, you can find affordable fresh flowers from most grocery stores, farmer's markets or wholesale suppliers, but read up of what will be in bloom and in season during your special day. Certain flowers, like peonies, can cost much more in some seasons than others, so keep that in mind when planning your bouquet. Once you have the mix of flowers you want, you'll need floral tape, pins, shears and the ribbon you want to use.

outdoor chandelier

When you are standing at the altar, a distinct and romantic backdrop can add so much to your vows, and not to mention photo opportunities. If you are having an outdoor wedding, ConfettiDayDreams.com suggests finding a large tree to use as your backdrop. You can decorate the branches with paper lanterns or wrapped lights. Instead of hiring someone to do it for you, rent a scissor or aerial lift to reach the highest branches and create a twinkling fairytale effect. A more versatile idea is to build a romantic archway. Adorn a simple wooden garden arbor with bunches of flowers and garlands of beads or jewels. For a rustic look, wrap ribbon and twine around a twig or vine archway.

cheap wedding centerpieces

There are endless possibilities when it comes to homemade centerpieces. Sites like Pinterest and craft sites have ideas for every theme. Martha Stewart has tutorials for traditional centerpieces, like miniature flower and plant terrariums or sparkly pillars with candles, or you could choose something more unique and eclectic like potted herb plants, rustic grains and dried grass tied together or a tiered centerpiece with fruit and dried flowers.

Are any of these projects on your to do list? Tell us what you are planning, or maybe something that inspired you here that you now might consider? For me, I would have definitely done that outdoor chandelier and "best day ever" banner for altar decor, but that didn't fly in the Catholic church. Maybe for vow renewals, however! 

Photo Credits: Invitation-Download and Print, featured here; Bouquet: DepositPhotos; Altar Backdrop: Studio 616, featured here; Centerpieces: Tanis Kate Photography, featured here