{DIY} Free Shabby Chic Chalkboard Save-The-Date Printable

save the date free printable

It's time to send you newly engaged love birds a Save The Date Free Printable Download! This sweet design simply lets your loved ones know you are on your way to the aisle and you've picked the date. 

The printable file is a JPG, and will come without the text at the bottom, as seen below, so that you may add your own text. The font used in "Save the Date", the names and date is Cantoni, found here. We love this font, and use it often!


1.  Download the photo below (instructions are just above the image)

2.  If you have photoshop, open up the jpg, and you can then add the text to the JPG there. 
If you don't have Photoshop, you can use a great service called PicMonkey.com.  We love PicMonkey, too, and use this often. It's free to sign up and use, although there is a paid option, but you don't need that for this. 

3.  Once logged in to PicMonkey you'll have some options to choose from: click the edit button. It'll then prompt you to select the savethedate.jpg. Once you've uploaded the jpg I'm providing you with, you'll see it on a main screen. 

4.  To the left of your image is a column with some icons. You'll see a Tt icon, that is text. You can use the plethora of fonts they have there under the tab labeled "ours", or if you select "yours", it'll access the fonts stored on your computer. So, if you've downloaded Cantoni, it should pull it up there, or whatever font you'd rather go with. 

5.  Once you see a font you want, click that font, and at the top of the text column click the "add text" box.  A text window will then pop up. Simply fill in your names, select your color in the color finder, and select size with the little radial button. You can move it left to right until you have a size you like. Place the text box where you want. 

6.  Once you've placed that text box, right-click over the box, and there will be an option to duplicate so you can fill out the date portion, and place that where you will.  Or select "add text" again to make a new text box open. Make sure to note the size of the font in the other text box, and same color. Align the two boxes so that they are even. 

7.  Save the file by clicking the save button above the image, and you're set! 

The dimensions are 5X7, and you can print this at home, or save it to a jumpdrive and take that to Staples, for example to print up onto cardstock. They offer printing 2 per page, and will cut it down if you'd like, which I use all the time, as it saves so much time. 

Simple enough, right? Enjoy your Save The Date and your wedding planning as you make your way to the aisle! If you have questions/comments, feel free to post a comment and ask away!  

To download image click here, then click the blue "download" button at the top right of the screen, 
or right click the image and "save image as" to your desktop.

If you'd rather not make this yourself, this can be purchased in my Etsy shop to save you time. Click here for that listing.