DIY: Lemon Poppy Seed Goat's Milk Soap


A few months back I shared a DIY on making soap, which is a new fave hobby of mine. More than the soap making is the new obsession I hold for Essential Oils. Once I was turned onto them, I have started making all sorts of things with the beautiful oils. I originally got into eo's for medicinal purposes, but when I received my first order I immediately dove into making soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc.

The soap diy tutorial I made last time was Sweet Orange Shea Butter Soap, in case you missed it.. I will differ a lot of the steps from that one for this, as it's the same process, just different ingredients These homemade soaps are perfect for gift giving, which makes them great bridal shower favors, or gifts for the bridesmaids.  And, it's so simple to do!

10 oz. Melt and Pour Goat's Milk Soap Base (Michael's carries this)
1 Tbsp. poppy seeds
Zest of one lemon
Lemon Essential Oil: 20-30 drops

Microwaveable Glass Measuring Cup (I used Pyrex)
Bread Loaf Pan/Silicone Mold
Wooden Stir Stick/Popsicle Stick
Nylon Knife

This really couldn't be simpler. I started out by cutting off 10 oz. of the goat's milk mix and pour soap base. I have a kitchen scale and measured out 10 oz. worth. Then I zested (is that a verb?!) my lemon. 

(this pic is from the Sweet Orange Shea Butter Soap Recipe. Same process, different citrus....)

Next step: Put microwaveable measuring cup in microwave, and start melting the goat's milk mix and pour in 30 second intervals, stirring in between each turn.  Overall it took about 2 minutes, but you cannot simply put this in and cook for 2 have to stir, otherwise soap will bubble and burn, which you don't want. It's not that long anyway. I used a wooden stir stick to stir. You can use a spoon probably, but this keeps it simple and one less thing to clean. Towards the end you'll have all mostly melted, and a clump of unmelted product...try stirring first to decide if another pop in the microwave is necessary. Sometimes a clump just needs to be stirred to melt fully, but if it's still staying a clump, then back into the microwave it goes. 

After the soap base is fully melted, no clumps, add in the lemon zest, poppy seeds and lemon essential oil, and stir to combine. Smell that? Yummy! 

Then pour into the loaf pan, or soap mold.  To keep the soap from sticking to the pan, I used cooking spray. I then set the pan in the fridge for an hour to set. Make sure surface is flat, otherwise soap will be uneven. 

After the soap is hard, I took my trusty nylon knife to cut the soap where it met the pan, and then used a metal spatula to help release from pan, and then it all popped out.  Using same knife I cut the soap into squares, I just eye balled everything, I didn't measure-this makes me more rustic anyway (wink wink), molds avoid that if you want clean squares. 

Then you wrap it up all cutesy, whether in some cellophane treat bags, or leave exposed to air and tie up a few with baker's twine, it's up to you. This really didn't take me long at all, except the setting of the soap to harden bit, but melting and mixing everything was minutes.  This is now one of my go-to projects for when gift giving is needed. I have a few left over in a box and when someone's birthday is coming up, or I'm doing a random act of kindness I just grab a few, with a card, maybe a few other items and the gift is all set! I love when people ask where I bought them, they cannot believe I made them, and now you can too! 

Comment below and let me know if you'll give this a try, and if you'll stick with lemon and poppy seed, orange as I did in the other post, or if you'll make your own scent. I have a few more I'm going to share in the coming weeks with different flavors and things, so please check back for those, as well as a yummy scrub and calming body lotion. 

Have fun crafting and creating for your wedding events!