DIY Wedding Project: Easy Washi Tape Chalkboard Tutorial

Oh, how I love washi tape and chalkboards! Both are an obsession of mine individually. My love for chalkboards started a few years back when I learned they made "adhesive chalkboard paper", that can be cut into any shape, and used a plethora of ways. And then I got into washi tape a couple years ago, and just began picking up a roll here and there. My sweet brother helped my passion for washi tape when he bought me a 24 pack from Costo for Christmas last year! Who would've thought Costco would carry a crafter's must have item? Let's say I have enough to last me a long time now.  Well, what happens when you put washi tape and chalkboards together?! Simple, pure joy...for me anyway. 

I made this simple little project to inspire those out there whom are in need of a little something extra for their chalkboards that are to be used/displayed for whatever you have coming up. I was inspired by some "save the date" props I've featured here on the blog, and around the internet. So many couples use chalkboards as part of their engagement sessions, usually displaying their upcomig wedding date. These are cute, simple touches, no doubt. Adding a little something like washi tape to a chalkboard frame can take them from barely there to "oh my cuteness"! I always love pops of color in photo shoots, and that can certainly be accomplished by the countless colors and designs of washi tape in existence. 

This DIY couldn't be simpler, and can be applied for your upcoming wedding events and beyond!

chalkboard frame

Chalkboard Frame
Chalk or chalk pen

There really are no steps here, except to apply washi tape to the chalkboard frame. I purchased my chalkboards, with frame, at Jo-ann's earlier this week, and they had a TON of these magnetic chalkboard frames on clearance, so I gobbled up a few...can never have too many chalkboards in my life!

The rolls of washi tape I have are the perfect width for these frames. There are also rolls that are double the size for larger frames. 

washi tape

I applied the washi tape down each length of the chalkboard, and then tucked/snipped the ends. 

And then applied tape along the sides, so that the wood of the frame would not be exposed. If you wish to cover the backside too, that's up to you. This type of thing is only going to photographed from the front, so you don't really need to worry with the back, unless you want to. 

Where the frame is concerned, THAT'S IT!  

washi tape chalkboard

Now take your chalk or chalk marker and get to town writing your message. Can you see how far this can take you? You can apply this to anything for any event. Below are a few examples:

save the date chalkboard idea
washi tape chalkboard table number washi tape chalkboard chair sign

See how fun?! This can be done for table numbers, chair signs, cards and wishes, whatever a sign is needed for. I want to make the "chair signs" into little door hangers for Halloween, or to have for my seated guests at my Thanksgiving table. I have a ton of ideas for using these at Christmas, too. 

For wedding events, this is a cute, simple, and thrifty project, that can turn into many more projects down the road. Washi tape easily removes, too, so you're not stuck with the tape you pick, you can change it out after every use. 

What will you create out of washi tape and chalkboard frames? Let us know by leaving a link to your projects in the comment section. 

Do you have a DIY wedding project you'd like to submit? Please feel free to send an email to with your step by step tutorial and photos, and after review we'll be happy to share on the blog!