Peacock Masks: Most Extravagant Version of Peacock Wedding Theme

peacock mask

Ooh, have we a fun and gorgeous piece to share with you today, from Charles Goodwin and! Anyone planning a peacock themed wedding? How about adding beautiful, extravagant masks to the mix? Here are some great ideas for you to peruse and enjoy!

Gone are the days where white weddings were the only option. With more and more couples opting for themes involving colour – from a subtle hint of a pale pink to full on rainbow delights – now is the perfect chance to do something that little bit more exciting.

One of our favourite themes is 'peacock'. Peacocks are a gorgeous blend of colours – from bright blue through to a deep gold – meaning it's easy to find aspects of them that'll match whatever style you're going for. The feathers are also very distinctive, making it easy to incorporate them in a variety of ways.

Some of the common uses of the peacock wedding theme include patterning the cake with feathers, incorporating the 'eye' of the feathers into buttonholes or having the silky, peacock blue shade as your something blue.

peacock feather hair accessories

One of the more extravagant versions of this theme involves Venetian masks – after all, who doesn't love a good masquerade? Whether you decide to get everyone involved or just have the happy couple themed, there's a bunch of great ideas you could look at.


Most people think of Venetian masks as the single style – the one that looks a bit like a superhero mask. There's actually a lot more options out there! Why not research the Venice Carnival for some ideas? If you're feeling particularly daring, you could go for one of the full face covering masks – although it may make saying your vows a little tricky! If you like that aesthetic but aren't sure you want it to be quite as restrictive, then there are half-covering masks with veil like elements at the bottom, which would be a good alternative.

turquoise masquerade masks


If there's one kind of material you really need to avoid, it's plastic. This can scratch your skin, and it won't hold it shape or stay on particularly well. You're far better spending a little more for something a bit better. Soft fabric or lace can be good for those of your with delicate skin, and can lend itself well to tracing out feather-like shapes in the style of a peacock. Leather is a bit sturdier, and can be painted in vivid colours – perfect for capturing the jewel-like tones of your chosen theme. Of course, one material that you really should include is actual peacock feathers as it's hard to capture the feel of them in any other fabric.

String or Spirit Gum

One of the biggest questions you'll face is whether to tie it on with string, or use spirit gum to hold it in place. Spirit gum can allow you more freedom of hairstyles, but is more restrictive when it comes to make up. Equally, string can limit your hair options – but is far easier to take off when you're done!

Matching the Rest of the Theme

If you're going to go for a peacock mask, make sure it matches the rest of what you've got going on. This isn't too hard, but it's important to make sure you've got similar colour choices. You might think that blue, green, purple and gold are just blue, green, purple and gold regardless, but that's not the case. Some peacock designs go with very matt, bright bold versions of these colours – think the kind of green a child would use in a drawing. Others go with a more glossy tone – think more like the shine of an emerald. Having different tones of the same colour can look very distracting, so make sure you're consistent in your choices.

masquerade ball masks for women

Venetian masks can really add that aspect of luxury to your wedding day, whether it's just you, the bridal party or everyone wearing them. If you have decided to go with getting everyone to wear them, we recommend getting people to customise them there. Buy a lot of cheap black masks in bulk, some peacock feathers and some tape and glue, and people can design them how they like whilst you get dolled up for the reception. This is especially great with young children – especially if sequins get involved – and much, much cheaper. Plus, it means your masks will look the best and isn't that what you want on your wedding day?

Gorgeous, n'est-ce pas? Love the ornate details and beautiful bold colors. The middle image is a stunning example of textures, color combos, and adornments that one can really gather inspiration from. Our thanks to Charles Goodwin and for guest posting today! 

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