Advice: How to Keep Your Marriage Alive and Well

Here's a great article for you newlyweds, about to be weds, and have been wed for a period of time. Having just entered into year 5 of my marriage, a few tips on keeping things spicy and alive don't hurt! It's harder having a 2 year old, but even before baby there were small ruts, but there's always room for knowledge in helping the marriage stay fresh and new. Enjoy the article, and let us know your thoughts, and how you keep things, or plan to keep things, alive in your marriage.

Once you have been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to fall into a rut. You do the same things, you go to the same places and surprise one another less and less. But there are ways you can spice up your marriage.

Surprises for Your Husband:

  • Is your husband a big sports fan? Basketball? Baseball? Hockey? Football? Regardless of the sport, surprise him with tickets to a game. You can easily use sights like StubHub to buy tickets at decent prices. He will appreciate you taking an interest in something he enjoys while going out for a few hours of fun together. 
  • Recreate a favorite date. What did you do or where did you go when you first got together? Recreate those early relationship jitters and do the date over again. It will be a nice reminder of where you started and how far you've come. 
  • Plan a surprise weekend getaway. Take initiative to plan a trip away from your daily routine and obligations. Depending on how much time you can take away from work, you can extend the trip accordingly. Check Groupon getaways and Living Social escapes to see hotel and resort deals as well as tour packages, flights and discounts. Planning a special time with your husband will show him how much you care and will be a great opportunity to reconnect and relax. 
  • If you want to score major points with your man, send him off on a guys weekend. Let him go do what guys do for a weekend—joke around, drink, watch sports and do whatever else he does with his friends. He will be grateful for the weekend away, and you'll be the coolest wife on the block. He will come back to you refreshed and wanting to spend time with you. 

Surprises for You:

  • Take a trip to the makeup counter. Have your hubby come along with you to the makeup counter at your favorite department store or cosmetic retailer. Sometimes you just want to be pampered and a makeover from a makeup artist can be both fun and rejuvenating. Treat yourself to one of the products at the end, and your husband will love how great you look. 
  • There is nothing quite as relaxing as a bubble bath. Drop hints to your husband that you need the tools to make a spa at home. Suggest products like the full bath kit "In Love" by Lollia. Indulge in a warm bubble bath with fragrant petals and relaxing lotions, or go to the spa for a full body massage. You can do a couples massage or get him in the bubble bath with you to help reconnect and relax. 
  • After a long week, you need a night out. Whether you’re interested in Broadway shows, musicals, dance or concerts, you can find tickets and productions from sites like Telecharge. Search by city, venue, date or age appropriateness. This is something you can enjoy with your husband or the whole family. 

Romance is not always about the grand gestures. It can be the little surprises here and there that make all the difference. If you both take a little extra time out of the week, you can express your love in new ways. Take the time to appreciate each other and keep your marriage alive.

What do you think? I'd be up for a surprise weekend getaway any day! I'd miss my baby, but I miss my alone time with my hubby. I think also recreating the first date is sweet. My husband on occasion makes for me a dish he made on our first Valentine's Day, and I always reflect on that, how young we were in the relationship those years ago.  Any tips you'd like to offer? Feel free to comment below!