Advice: Prepare for Common Wedding Day Mishaps With These 4 Tips

We have a great article that was submitted to us that we felt really important to share. Unplanned things can happen at weddings, it's a given, from wardrobe malfunctions, to missing cake toppers, and beyond. Here are some tips on how to best prepare for the dreaded mishaps. We hope they are helpful! 

Since childhood, every woman has dreamed of her romantic fairy tale—no, not the fairy tales of storybook princesses or Hollywood starlets, but the unique fairy tale that destiny laid out just for her. But it never comes easy, and it shouldn't. It takes enduring life-shattering heartbreak and having fun-yet-meaningless flings with elusive men for a gal to finally find her soul partner. And now that she's got the man (and the rock), she deserves a wedding that's nothing less than perfection.

Despite hundreds of hours of wedding planning, designing, organizing, coordinating and executing, adversity can still strike on the big day. A bride has less than 24 hours to live out the most magical day of her life. Here's how you and your team of bridesmaids can prepare to put out any fires and ensure your wedding day doesn't go up in flames.

Beauty Catastrophes & Wardrobe Malfunctions

Sure, catastrophe can be subjective. One person may see a wedding catastrophe as a hurricane sweeping through a beach ceremony or a groom who never appeared at the altar. But to another, it can be a curl that disobediently fell from an updo. Or a skin blemish on the face. A detached fake eyelash or hair extension. Or dare to even imagine—a busted wedding dress zipper. These beauty fiascos can be just as calamitous as a natural disaster or no-show groom, depending on the bride (a man can be replaced, but an authentic Vera Wang design?!)

Use a beautiful designer handbag as your fashionable wedding-day emergency kit. Match a shoulder bag or satchel to your elegant designer taste and you'll have plenty of space for hair, cosmetic and wardrobe tools. Fill this luxury bag with the essentials: bobby pins, hairspray, bareMinerals foundation, backup eyelashes and glue and heavy-duty safety pins. Don't forget chalk (to mask wedding dress smudges), spot remover, eye drops and facial cleansing wipes.

Awkward Toast

Yes, the best man speech went from gushing about the bride and groom and a couple "you had to be there" anecdotes to a never-ending discourse on the meaning of life interspersed with a few strained quips. It's enough to make you feel as if you're drowning with each long-winded story and Googled Internet joke — "fornication!" (while squinting at the iPhone screen) "Oops, I'm sorry, for an occasion..."
Enduring a painfully awkward wedding speech may feel intolerable, but remember: it. will. eventually. end. Stay attentive, smile, laugh politely, and remind yourself that you love this person. Raise your glass and take a gulp of champagne—there's light at the end of this tunnel.

The Too-Drunk Wedding Guest

A wedding reception wouldn't be a party to remember if someone didn't drink too much. If at some point in the evening, this someone goes from "having a good time" to losing his tux, crystal strap watch, self-control and dignity—and your special day goes from dignified wedding reception to "Magic Mike" meets Theta Chi kegger circa 2007—follow this easy five-step plan:
  • Contain your anger. Don't react emotionally. An Angry Bride vs. Drunken Guest brawl wouldn't create the best memory.
  • Once you ascertain his level of drunkenness, move swiftly, yet discreetly. Create minimal attention.
  • Rely on your new husband to calmly escort the guest out of the reception.
  • Mitigate any aftermath by speaking diplomatically about the guest in question. A good line to use is, "One too many drinks. We've all been there!"
  • Return to the fun.

Emotional Stress

Emotional meltdowns and overreactions may happen on your wedding day. Outline a contingency plan with your bridesmaids and give each gal a stress-reduction responsibility according to her strengths. Also, practice relaxation and de-stressing techniques leading up to the big day. Follow these pre-wedding day wellness tips:
  • Meditate daily. Focus on deep breathing to free your head of worries.
  • Light a lavender candle or apply lavender aromatherapy oil to your wrists while wedding planning. Lavender is a relaxing scent with anxiety-reducing properties.
  • Connect with your fiancĂ© and schedule quality couple time.
  • Maintain calmness during any upset with a mantra. A positive affirmation as simple as, "Don't worry, be happy," can be powerful.
  • Exercise and eat healthily to stay mentally, physically and emotionally uplifted and feel balanced.
  • Journal your feelings for self-expression and therapeutic release. Whether you're worried about the long-term commitment or missing a deceased loved one, writing down your feelings is a healthy process.