Boudoir Shoot: Sexy Pin-up Inspired Boudoir Session

Happy Friday!  Wow, we have a great way to wrap up the week for you, with this super sexy boudoir shoot sent over to us from Clicking Through Life! It's a pin-up inspired session and is totally gorgeous. 

This shoot isn't for a nearly wed bride to give to her hubby the night of the wedding, by the way. This lovely bride, Stephanie, has been married for 10 years, and this session was a gift to her husband! This comes at a perfect time, as we just shared an advice post yesterday on how to keep things fun and spicy in the marriage-this is sure to keep up the sexy, no doubt! If you'd like to see that article, you can find it here, but after you've seen this shoot...

Shannon at Clicking Through Life shared this little bit with us about the boudoir session:
For her 10 year anniversary, Stephanie wanted to remind herself, and her husband, that she still had her sexy ;) What came next were some amazing pinup inspired shots that were breath taking. At one point we brought back to life her beautiful veil, and did the bridal boudoir session she has always wanted, but never had..... until now.

We hope you enjoy the shoot, captured by Clicking Through Life:

Love it! Are you inspired now to go get your own boudoir session? I am! Our thanks to Clicking Through Life for submitting this gorgeous session with us! 

Photographer: Clicking Through Life
Submitted via Two Bright Lights