Brides To Be: A Safe & Healthy Alternative To Crash Dieting

Crash dieting before a wedding, anyone? I am guilty as charged. I've done this as both the bridesmaid and the bride. Not really a great idea to ever crash diet for anything, especially before the big day. Crash dieting can lead to weakness and things such as fainting on the biggest day of your life, standing in front of loved ones, is one of the troubles that could befall a bride from this fast paced way of losing weight.

The advice in this article that was submitted to us offers great insight and shares a bit of how you can think and plan your road to your big day in a healthy way, and you don't have to eat like a bird. Enjoy the article, and let us know your thoughts.

When you think Paleo, you likely conjure up images of sweaty men, stacked with one muscle on top of another, grunting and lifting weights in a CrossFit gym. It’s true — the Paleo diet has been openly embraced by CrossFit enthusiasts, reports Paleo Hacks. As a bride you may want to get lean rather than put on 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle, but hear us out before you start a dangerous crash diet. There are ways to curb your appetite while dropping the weight fast for your upcoming nuptials.

Crash Diets are Not Your Friend

Counting and limiting calories can be harmful to your health: sure, you might lose weight eating 1,100 calories of potato chips every day, but does that sound like it’s doing your body good? Fasting and denying your body the nutrients it needs is a losing battle. Crash diets trigger your body to store fat for a few reasons. 1) Your body kicks into survival mode and lowers your metabolism and 2) they cause your blood sugar levels to drop, increasing your insulin production. Most crash diets also force you to restrict your essential fat intake which can lead to serious health problems. The Paleo diet keeps your blood sugar levels stable due to the amount of low-glycemic foods you consume. The Paleo diet is also full of healthy fats (think salmon and coconut oil) that will keep your brain functioning at it’s best, unlike crash diets that leave you feeling lethargic and unbalanced — you just can’t afford that when planning a wedding. The best part? Weight loss on the Paleo diet is sustainable weight loss. You’re off the dieting roller coaster for good.

Eat More, Lose More

The Paleo diet is all about choosing foods a caveman would eat. That means no refined carbs, sugars or processed foods, only whole, healthy foods including meat, eggs and veggies. There’s no fasting, counting calories or even any excessive weigh-ins. Keep it simple, and you can lose weight without much effort, reports Ancestralize Me.

According to, a Paleo diet is “more satiating per calorie than both a Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet.” There’s no doubt you’ll be full on a Paleo diet and you won’t believe the pounds that are falling off. When you’re not preoccupied by food cravings and hunger pangs you’re left free to think of all of the million other things on your wedding to-do list.

Protein, Protein, Protein

When you’re planning a wedding, one thing is always true: you’re on the go 24/7! Between cake tastings (the one time to allow yourself a little much-deserved sugar) to dance lessons and bridesmaids’ dress fittings, you’re a busy lady. This doesn’t mean you can skimp on your protein intake. According to, keeping your protein intake up will actually help you burn calories more effectively. “Since your body expends more energy to process proteins than it does to digest carbohydrates and fats, people who consume more protein throughout the day might see faster fat-loss results than people on a lower-protein diet plan.” Get your protein in shake form when you’re feeling overwhelmed or busy. Invest in a good blender/juicer like a NutriBullet and a high-quality protein powder like Muscle Pharm’s Combat line. Add in tons of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables to the mix for extra energy and you’ve got a nutritious weight-loss shake ready in seconds!