Real Couples: Erika & Justin's Anniversary Photo Shoot

We have a special shoot that was submitted to us that we are happy to share with you lovelies! This head over heels in love couple is celebrating 10 years of marriage, and Angie from La Candella Weddings was there to capture their still smitten stares at Mountain View Inn, in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

This again is another example of how to keep things alive and well in marriages, whether it's 6 months, 5 years, 10 years, etc after tying the knot. We just shared an article that had some advice on the topic, if you missed that you can find it here.

I had asked to see if Erika would like to share her story with our readers, and she did! Here's what she has to say on her 10 year marriage with her husband Justin:
Justin and I met when we were teenagers at a church camp we both attended. We dated for a few weeks but soon parted ways due to us being so young and far away from each other. I always knew he was special and thought highly of him. One day 4 years later, I received a call from him while he was living in California asking me to attend a wedding with him here in Pennsylvania. I accepted his invite and our first date was at that wedding at Mountain View Inn. We dated for several years and got married at the same venue as our first date at the wedding years before. We had a very small wedding with only 50 people in attendance and a short reception after. My favorite part about our day was that our photos were shot on film. This was just before digital became a common way of photographing weddings, and being a photographer myself I am grateful to have gotten the chance to have film be a part of our day. We have had a very eventful 10 years of marriage that included acquiring several pets, buying a home, traveling a lot and working on our careers. We are very much looking forward to the future and hopefully many more adventures including adding children to our lives. Our motto for our marriage is simply this "Forever and always no matter what".

How sweet to marry where they met, and to now return their for their photo shoot. Love their motto! Very true. Here is an image on their wedding day, 10 years ago:

Now, please enjoy Erika & Justin 10 years later, as they get infront of the camera for their Anniversary Photo Session with La Candella Weddings:

They still got it! So sweet to see.  Our thanks to Angie at La Candella Weddings for submitting Erika & Justin's 10 year anniversary shoot! Definitely inspiring for this married lady. Will you married love birds plan for an anniversary shoot? Let us know!

Photographer: La Candella Weddings//Venue:  Mountain View Inn