Silhouette Portrait Review + Photo Booth Props

Happy Monday all! I am so excited! Why am I excited? Because I love my new Silhouette Portrait, and the fun that can come from it, especially for crafty brides, grooms, anybody!

First of all, what is a Silhouette Portrait, you ask? Why, it's the most amazing crafting machine! It cuts paper, vinyl, fabric, chipboard, and offers countless possibilities. I already have a Silhouette Cameo. I got into this level of crafting when my friend had one, and when I saw what she created I knew I had to have one, too! Luckily for my birthday that year, I was gifted one! Oh boy was I terrible at first, but like all things in life, practice makes perfect.

My first project was cutting the word "Halloween" to be placed onto a pumpkin-terribly ambitious, I know, and it looked terrible. However, it was my first time with anything like this, and dealing with vinyl.

Then I decided to cut chalkboard vinyl and make labels on my flour/sugar canisters. Sold! I was hooked! My boring little jars looked elegant on my counter tops and a little rustic with my chalk writing of the ingredients. From then I just started vinyling things: ornaments, tiles with family monograms for Christmas gifts, the list goes on. When my daughter's first birthday came around I made her banner, and everyone asked where I bought it! Yup! There is much love for this device.

Now I have the Silhouette Portrait. It's just as good as the Cameo, but a tad on the smaller side, which I like, and it's much lighter. The Cameo cuts at least 12"X12". The Silhouette Portrait cuts at least 8"X12". It's sleek, and just beautiful.

So, now that I've introduced you to the portrait, here's what I made with it, and what you can, too! Oh how you can pretty much DIY your wedding with the Silhouette Portrait, from invites, to favor boxes, to banners, etc.

One of the simplest things I could think to make and show was making these fun "photo booth props"! Photo booths, whether from a professional company, or in a DIY manner, are the rage at weddings. Oh how I wish they were popular when I got married 5 years ago! To have silly little mustaches or glasses, kissy lips and bow ties, it's all fun for the crowd to take silly photos at the end of the day, when the beginning of the day was a tad on the serious side. Let's face it, vow taking is important and very serious business, so let your guests have fun at the end of the night, right?

Simply put, if you have, or will have, the Silhouette Portrait, or Cameo, the photo booth prop file is available for purchase at the Silhouette Online Store, and then you gather cardstock to cut the designs on-regular paper would be too flimsy, so you need cardstock. Then you find simple dowel rods and glue dots or hot glue to adhere the cut outs onto the dowels, and you're set! So simple simple, right?

In the coming weeks I plan to share many diy projects with the help of my handy machine. Have fun and let me know what you would make with your Silhouette Portrait!

Disclaimer: I did receive this product to try and review. My opinions are 100% my own.