Advice: Big-Ticket Wedding Gift Ideas: What to Get the Happy Couple

This topic was sent over to us recently, and we are passing it along to you. This might not be for all out there, but it's definitely worth pondering. If you are reading this you might be a bride or groom, and probably thinking "I can't put a car up on my wedding registry", which is true. However, if you are the parent/family member of the bride or groom, whom might be able to afford such big ticket items, like a hot tub or a car, this is probably of interest to you. You might also be a pool of co-workers where everyone can pitch in on a vacation package. Either way, we hope you enjoy the article. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Weddings are a wonderful celebration and affirmation of the love between two people—but as a guest, they can sometimes be a source of stress, especially when trying to determine what kind of gift to give. Many times the newlyweds will have gift registries that help limit the confusion, but what if you aren’t the serving set or bread maker kind of gift giver? What if you want to go that extra step for your best friends or family who are getting married and get them something bigger than the average gift? Well, here are some ideas that might be instant favorites with the new couple:


Everyone loves a vacation. Whether you are wanting to just take care of their honeymoon, or plan something entirely different for the happy couple, a vacation can be a great wedding gift. A company like Go-Today can help you pick vacation packages with destinations like New Zealand, Argentina, Ireland and Vietnam. You can pick one of the pre-made packages or build a trip of your own.

Hot Tub

Above-ground hot tubs and spas are becoming more popular, and they can be enjoyed by the happy couple and their friends and family for years to come. Sites like Hot Tub Works offer portable spas and hot tubs for backyards and decks as well as a wide range of accessories and supplies.


With a majority of their money tied up in the wedding, the new couple might have to skimp on upgrading or replacing things like aging vehicles. Or they might not have a car that is acceptable for their potentially growing family. In either case, a new vehicle might be the perfect gift and many recent models not only provide more room and safety, but get better gas mileage to help the new family save on expenses.


This can be a great option for any newly married couple. High efficiency washers and dryers can help them save money for years to come and things like a new high capacity refrigerator or new stove top can be perfect for the foodies in your life. Make sure you have done your research, and that the new appliance will be not only one that fits in with the d├ęcor of their house, but one that they will like and enjoy using as well.


While a new house might be a little much for any normal wedding present, the down payment for a new house might not be. Many new couples are looking to buy a house to start their new lives together and taking care of the down payment can not only help take the stress off of their home search, but can often times open up other possibilities so that they can get the home of their dreams.

Whatever you decide, remember you don’t necessarily have to go that route alone. Big ticket items like this are pricey and going in with a group of people can make it much more affordable and add a little fun and excitement to the whole event. Either way, do your due diligence and make sure the big ticket item you are planning on is something they will want so they can enjoy it for years and possibly include you in their enjoyment as well.