Bridal Beauty: Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must-Haves

I was matron of honor at a wedding this past Sunday, and I made this for my lovely best friend, the bride. She was in awe and so surprised at what I thought would be great to have on hand, as she pretty much needed most of it! We spent 4 hours in her room getting all of us dolled up for hair and makeup, and much of this was a necessity. 

So, here's the run down of what I included:
-a bridal suite sign to place outside the room (cute touch, not necessary though)
-Tide To Go Stain Remover Stick
-a packet of tissues
-mouth wash
-a tin of Advil (I wrote Headache be gone on it for fun)
-a mini sewing kit
-deodorant (oops, bride couldn't find hers, so this was perfect!)
-a roller bottle of lavender oil
-a bottle of Young Living's Peace and Calming oil for inhaling
-straws for sipping drinks to not mess up lipstick
-empty spray bottle for whatever might need spritzing

I would've added a small bottle of champagne, like sample size, but my friend doesn't care for it. 

Will you be making an emergency kit for a bride-to-be? What would you add that is a must have? Let us know!