Real Couples: Nicole & Brandon's Italian Honeymoon Photo Session

Buongiorno a tutti! We have a honeymoon photo session to share with you today, set in Rome, Italy, that is molto bella! The submission comes to us from Rome Wedding Photographer Andrea Matone. The couple's session definitely brings some magic to the centuries old city, and we are in love! 

Andrea shared a bit about the shoot with us here:
This is a destination honeymoon photo session which took place in Rome Italy. We were looking to create stylish in love photos in the main iconic landmarks in Rome. We started with a beautiful walk towards the Spanish steps. Stopping in between to capture appealing images of what we found interesting about light and composition. After acquiring different views on the Spanish Steps we moved onto the Roman Forum. Using ancient Rome as background. We finished with perhaps the most iconic landmark: the Roman Colosseum.

Please enjoy Nicole & Brandon's Italian Honeymoon Photo Session, captured beautifully by Andrea Matone:

Well done on this couple's lovely honeymoon shoot, in beautiful Roma! I love the bride and groom's styled look. Every scene is perfectly romantic, and they wear Italy very well. 

Our many thanks, Grazie mille, to Andrea Matone for the lovely submission! Bravo! 

Photographer: Andrea Matone//Submitted via Two Bright Lights