Advice: 5 Reasons to Have a Wedding on the Water

Ahoy lovely readers! Any nearlyweds out there getting married on a boat? Or have you pondered having such a ceremony? Would you do so on a lake or out at sea? We think it's a fabulous idea! We have some tips and ideas to share with you with that very idea in mind! It's a unique option, and definitely a lot of fun can be put into such a sea going affair. Please enjoy the ideas here below!

Traditional church weddings aren’t for everyone. Weddings are an opportunity to let your personality shine. If you want to get married outside, in a barn or on a beach, go for it. The options are endless and your wedding can be as fun and creative as you want it to be. Now, what about getting married on a boat? Sounds a little crazy, right? Getting married on a boat is actually pretty awesome, here’s why:

Have a Destination Wedding without the Pain & Hassle 

Destination weddings sound luxurious and exotic. But, we can’t all afford to fly out to Tahiti for a dream beach wedding. A non-traditional ceremony aboard an elegant ship is a great alternative to the headache and hassle of executing a destination wedding. Instead of traveling to another country, travel somewhere nautical and beachy in the good old USA. Take your guests out on a boat for the ceremony and the reception will be special for everyone. You’ll be getting away from it all and sailing out on the beautiful water.

Choose Your Vessel

Classy yacht? Done! Romantic schooner? You can have it. Historic ship? Go for it. The vessel you choose can help you decide on your colors and theme. Get invitations that harken back to boating in the past or go with a more playful theme. Nautical themed weddings are not going out of style anytime soon and the personalized options and creative ways to make your nautical wedding your own are endless—from oceanic-inspired invitations to sailory-style tablescapes.

Sail Away for Your Honeymoon

Once the ceremony is over, hop on that boat and sail away on your honeymoon. Can you imagine anything more romantic than waving goodbye to your friends and family on shore as your lantern-lit boat sails off into the starry night? Let’s say you have your wedding off the coast of Miami. You can just cruise to the Florida Keys to enjoy your honeymoon.

If you do plan on sailing away on your own, you need to make sure you and yours are properly licensed. Nothing will ruin a wedding like breaking the law and getting in trouble for operating without a boating license. Luckily, there are online services that will get you certified fast. Get licensed before the wedding to ensure that it all goes as planned.

Snap Incredible Photos

Have your photographer capture the big moment on the watercraft with the ocean as your backdrop. Or share a kiss with your sweetie at the bow of the watercraft to re-create a "Titanic" like moment. Hosting your big-day on the water with the sea as your backdrop allows for some wonderfully, breathtaking photo-ops.

Be an Original

How many weddings do your friends and family members attend in a lifetime? A lot. How many of those weddings are hosted on boats? Probably none—until yours, of course! A wedding on a watercraft is a standout. Nobody will forget the wedding they attended on a beautiful yacht.

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