Real Weddings: Two Families Become One

Happy Friday! We are delighted to share with you another beautiful wedding captured by Michigan Wedding Photography Team Clicking Through Life! This wedding is special, in that two families truly did become one. Two sons, one of the bride, and one of the groom, became brothers, as their parents became husband and wife.

Photographer Shannon shared the story of how Nicole & Shaun met:
Their boys go to the same school together and what started off as random chance meetings at morning drop offs, soon became perfectly timed events. Good morning smiles and short waves to say hello quickly turned in to them scheduling their mornings so that they would arrive at the school at the same time just so they could see each other for a few minutes before the day started. Three years later, Nicole and Shaun joined their families and were married on a beautiful day last month with their boys standing by their sides.

Such a sweet way to meet. I can totally picture it! Well, please won't you enjoy Nicole & Shaun's beautiful wedding, with their children involved, as captured by Clicking Through Life:

I love this last image captured here, it is gorgeous! It's all really beautiful to see. I'm also loving the image of the bridal party with those staircases! The "love note" written by the groom for his bride-to-be is so sweet to see, too. 

Our thanks again to Clicking Through Life, and congrats to Nicole & Shaun and their sons being one happy family! 

Photography: Clicking Through Life//Venue: Alexander's//Cake: Cake's Unlimited//DJ: Ultimate Sounds
Submitted via Two Bright Lights