Silhouette Portrait DIY: Recycled Christmas Card Garland

silhouette portrait diy recycled Christmas card garland

Hello friends! I have a bit of a holiday Silhouette Portrait project for you, that you can do for your first married Christmas, or even your wedding and anniversaries ahead! It's kind of a tradition I'm starting in my home this year, and will carry us through the many Christmas's ahead. Maybe this can be your new tradition, as well!

Since my husband and I married, we have accumulated a multitude of holiday cards, and I CANNOT toss them. I think many can relate, right? Most holiday cards are those family cards with images of families growing, but I won't be using these, that will be another project for in the New Year. I'll use the cards that have the lovely messages with sweet holiday themes for this project.

I've researched what to create old holiday cards into, and I saw an idea on Pinterest to turn them into globe ornaments. Then I realized I had a file for my Silhouette Portrait that is a scalloped globe garland, and immediately got to town with the project!

Tools needed:
Silhouette Portrait
Scalloped Globe Pattern
Christmas/Greeting Cards
Glue Dots/Glue/Double Side Adhesive

I do have a plethora of Christmas cards from years past before we were a family. I used them here as the test. The amazing thing with the Silhouette Portrait, it not only cuts circles or scalloped circles, it cuts perforations! I love this feature! The Scalloped Circle Garland design can be purchased from the Silhouette Design Store.

I simply loaded the the cutting mat with my Christmas card, and let the machine do it's work!

Once cut I then started folding them and then using glue dots, or whatever adhesive you use, I started connect the sides together. I did four for this example, you could do 5-6 or how many you want for the size of globe you want.

You can either leave them single and make them ornaments, or connect them by using twine, ribbon, etc, and that's it!

If you have stacks of cards you'll be busy for a while, but in the end you didn't have to toss those lovely holiday cards, you've given them a new life, and possibly a longer one! I just love how this looks. There's room to add to this as the garland will grow and grow every year! Can you imagine how large the Christmas Card Garland will get in 10, 20, 50 years time?

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on how you can reuse those old Christmas Cards, or wedding cards, or even birthday cards, and how the Silhouette Portrait is the ideal cutting tool to help make this project happen. 

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!