Advice: 7 Ways to Accessorize for Your Big Walk down the Aisle

In need of some tips on how to accessorize for your big day? We had some great suggestions sent over to us to share with you lovelies! This is more of a great reference for you to hold onto, a sort of check list. We hope you find this helpful! Enjoy:

You found the man of your dreams, now it’s time to find the accessories of your dreams to compliment your wedding gown. Creating a sophisticated look for your big walk down the aisle with a few of these wedding day must-haves.


Shoes are an important component to any outfit, but on your wedding day, you want the perfect pair to carry you down the aisle. First, think about the best type of shoe for your dress length. If you have a traditional, long gown, heels work best. If your dress is shorter, it’s OK to select a cute pair of flats. And while the style is important, ensuring that your shoes fit well on your wedding day is key. Go shoe shopping in the afternoon or evening when your feet are a little larger to ensure the best fit, advises chiropractor, Dr. Ben Kim.


You never know when the unexpected may crop up. Be sure to carry all of your wedding day emergency-essentials like eye drops, mints, and aspirin. Chose a clutch that is petite and portable. Opt for simple designs that compliment your accessories as well as your gown.


Sure, you want to sparkle at your wedding, but be careful not to get heavy-handed with the matrimonial gems. When accessorizing for the big day, think about your hair style, neckline and detailing of your dress. It’s important to keep your look balanced. For example, if your dress is heavily beaded and adorned with crystals, choose a simple necklace that doesn’t overwhelm. If wearing gloves, think about skipping the bracelet. The key is to have a polished look that isn’t overdone.


Many brides are incorporating this iconic accessory into their big day ensembles. Some brides are even capitalizing on the broach trend by creating magnificent, hand-crafted broach bouquets, in place of traditional floral bouquets. If this isn't your style, you can still incorporate the heirloom by pinning it to an elegant ribbon and wrapping the ribbon around your bouquet. If you have a special vintage broach that has been passed down in your family for generations it can play a part in your wedding as your "something old" good luck charm.


Roses or Orchids? Light or bold? There’s so many questions to ponder when creating your special hand-crafted bridal bouquet. When selecting your flower arrangement, think about your personal style and whether you want a simple accessory or a bold statement piece. And with all the different shades of white and ivory, it's important to pick blooms that best complement your particular hue.


Whether you opt to do your own makeup—like Kate Middleton was rumored to have done—or hire a professional, makeup is an important part of your wedding day. The secret to great makeup is great skin! Start getting facials months before your wedding to improve skin texture and provide a great base for your makeup, recommends Tiffany Patton of White Rose Collective in New York City in an interview with Allure. Pretty, neutral shades are great for everyone, but when choosing a color palette, take your eye, hair and skin coloring into consideration. A professional makeup artist will work with you to pick the best shades to highlight your features. For nails, stick to nail color classics, try a French manicure or neutral pink and beige tones that won’t distract from your dress.


Your hairstyle is one of your most important wedding day accents. Work with your stylist to determine if you want an updo or if you’d prefer to wear your hair down. Search through bridal magazines, Pinterest and blogs to find styles that match your personality and hair type. Pick the styles similar to your go-to ‘do when you get dressed up and go from there, advises celebrity stylist Stacey Weinstein. After you’ve determined what you want, think about adding hair accessories like clips, headbands or a veil.