Bridal Beauty: Beauty Beverages for the Bride-to-Be

Hello brides! Are you turning to healthy beverages as a means to keep you healthy in preparation for you big day? This actually goes out to all, not just brides, but bridesmaids and guests, too! We have some great tips to keep you motivated and to inspire you on your health goals for the wedding, and beyond! Our thanks to Jefferey Morgan and for sending over the tips! Enjoy and share with us your go to beauty beverages in the comments section!

Beauty beverages – are they beneficial for future brides?

Beauty beverages have penetrated the market a couple of years ago. Almost all brands promise benefits, such as improved skin and better, glossier hair. However, can a simple drink render that many positive outcomes? Future brides want to look flawless on their big day; they want to be skinny and have most perfect skin. Can these beauty drinks help them look their best on their wedding day?

A better understanding of “beauty drinks”

Beauty drinks are actually vitamins-enriched beverages. They contain all kinds of botanicals, herbs and amino acids with excellent antioxidant abilities. While these benefits can also be obtained when adhering to a healthy diet, brides-to-be are busy women who don’t really have time to eat right. Between dress shopping sprees and work, there’s barely any time left for food. 

Beauty beverages have turned into a million dollar business; there are all sorts of organic brands that market them, so before the first product that comes your way, you should do a little research. Coconut water for example, has recently become a woman’s favorite “energy drink”. It is healthy and nutritious, and it works miracles on your skin and hair. This water beautifies the complexion, it restores its natural glow and it softens your hair. On top of everything, it’s both delicious and refreshing!

Effective nutritional boosters

Beauty beverages claim to have many health benefits. However, nutritionists are not convinced that these products are that efficient; that’s mostly because many brands out there advertise chemical-enriched drinks. Why should we go for beauty drinks instead of vitamins? First of all, it’s a lot more pleasurable to sip on a drink than to take a pill. Second, organic companies that make these beverages state they don’t use any sugars or preservative; and yet somehow they manage to give delicious tastes to these shakes.

Brides must stay hydrated, so it’s a lot healthier for them to drink something, than opt for a supplement. Of course, supplements are important too, especially if we’re talking about fish oil, biotin and vitamin C, which restore the glow of your skin and keep your hair and nails strong and beautiful.

Pros and cons of beauty beverages

Beauty drinks are in high demand right now. Some are overly advertised and filled with chemicals; others are organic, healthy and preservative-free. How do we make the right choice? Nutritionists state that sometimes even the healthiest diet can’t keep us in proper shape. In some cases, even if we eat right we still can’t have strong nails, glowing hair and beautiful skin. That’s because the body doesn’t always absorb essential nutrients; in this case, drinkable supplements can prove to be a lot more efficient. These drinks contain increased amounts of vitamins that the system needs to function properly on a daily basis.

Future brides for example, are extremely stressed. They just can’t find a way to relax and unwind. A beauty drink infused with green tea extract, ginseng and aloe vera will help them calm down. The antioxidant present in the green tea will keep them on alert, and the aloe vera will take proper care of their skin from the inside out.

Dieting & beauty drinks

Unhealthy skin is a visible effect of a bad diet. If your wedding is two weeks away, starting a healthy diet won’t cure your imperfections because there’s not enough time. However, by including more water into your diet and several beauty beverages infused with vitamin C, black tea extract and cinnamon, you have great chances of looking your best on your big day. Avoid as much as possible bad carbohydrates and replace refined sugar with fruit.

How far are you willing to go to look your best on your wedding day? Beauty drinks are excellent ways of giving your body a vitamin boost however they must be combined with a healthy meal plan, too. Purchase beauty beverages solely from organic providers, and make sure they don’t have any added sugar or preservatives. It’s a sure way of knowing that your complexion will look amazing on your wedding day.

Last but not least, remember to relax. Breathe deeply every time you’re trying a new wedding dress, and have some more coconut water to stay hydrated and rejuvenated.

By Jefferey Morgan and!

Great tips here, ladies! I agree with all points, especially drink a lot of water, and infused water is amazing, I drink it all the time. In fact I'm drinking grapefruit and cucumber infused water right now! 

Our thanks to Jefferey Morgan and for writing another piece for us! 

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  1. Great article! I loved making my own juices and smoothies in the run up to my big day and I definitely think it made my skin look amazing as well as helped me reach my target weight! I would sometimes replace a meal with a juice or smoothie when I needed a mini cleanse!


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