Real Weddings: Rupal & Rohin's Vibrant Indian Wedding - Part I

traditional Indian wedding
Happy Friday! We have an excellent way to wrap up the week with this gorgeous 2 part Indian Wedding, captured by Tuan H. Bui, Photographer! It's stunning, its traditional, and very much vibrant. This is a first to feature a traditional Indian wedding, and I am honored to share such a grand wedding with you all.
As you can imagine, the images of the ceremony alone need their own post, as does the reception, for there are also wardrobe changes. All of it is just gorgeous!

Tuan had a few things to share about Rupa; & Rohin's vibrant wedding:
I first worked with Rupal and Rohin for their engagement session, and that trust and ease carried through in their wedding. Talk about two impressive people: they both graduated with doctoral degrees at 25 and know exactly what they want out of life - and this includes each other. They interact perfectly together and have infectious senses of humor. The wedding was so vibrant, if you showed up in a turquoise shirt and silver pants you'd be under-dressed. Imagine hundreds of people dancing and laughing in riotous color… or better yet, have a look at these photos. Shooting with me was Jennifer Shaffer, and my assistant was Adam Biba.

Please enjoy the beautifully vibrant wedding ceremony of Rupal & Rohin, as captured by Tuan H. Bui, Photographer and team:

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bride henna tattoo

Traditional Indian Groom

Traditional Indian Bride
Traditional Indian Wedding

Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony

wedding sarrees

Traditional Indian Bride and Groom

Just wow! How amazing! I've never attended an Indian wedding, but I can tell so much laughter, happy voices, music and much love surrounded these two. I appreciate the head to toe traditional elements for both the bride and the groom. I love their colors for their wedding clothes, as well as the colors of the bridal party. 

What really caught my interest was the way the groom entered on a horse, and the bride entered as she was being carried in a chair down the aisle. I don't know these traditions, but they are amazing to look upon. 

Our thanks to Tuan H. Bui, Photographer and team for submitting Rupal & Rohin's wedding our way! Click here for their stunning reception! It's different yet just as stunning! 

Photographer: Tuan H. Bui, Photographer//Venue: Waterford Banquet//Makeup Artist: Abiha//Event Decor: Poonam Creations
Submitted via Two Bright Lights