Real Weddings: Rupal & Rohin's Vibrant Indian Wedding - Part II

Hello one and all! If you happened to see this beautiful couple's Wedding Ceremony, or if you haven't yet please view here, this is the Reception aspect that followed, although very different, yet just as gorgeous! The photography was captured by Tuan H. Bui, Photographer and amazing team, which did just as fabulous of a job capturing the details with the reception portion. 

While the ceremony was a traditional Indian ceremony, complete with henna tattoos, traditional wardrobe, the reception captures the two in a more modern light, and is quite elegant. I love the color play and the absolute love and devotion of the bride and groom to one another. 

Please enjoy Rupal & Rohin's Vibrant Indian Wedding Reception, lensed by Tuan H. Bui, Photographer and team: 

Again, wow!!! I love Rupal's lovely coral pink hued dress, and her adornments! I so appreciate, too, the makeup shots and the image of her getting fitted into her dress. 

The private portraits of the two, like on the log, and in the swing, are adorable, and shed a soft light on their day that is full of traditions, from what I imagine are centuries old. The tux and the fabulous coral dress definitely contrasts to the traditional garb they wore for their stunning ceremony. Perfect balance! 

Our thanks, yet again, to Tuan H. Bui, Photographer and team for this submission! Congrats to Rupal and Rohin on your recent marriage and many blessings to you both! 

Photographer: Tuan H. Bui, Photographer//Venue: Waterford Banquet//Makeup Artist: Abiha//Event Decor: Poonam Creations
Submitted via Two Bright Lights