Advice: The Best Gifts for the Best Bridal Party - Yours

Do you find yourself scratching your head when it comes to the bridal party, from whom to pick, to what gesture to gift to them that best says "thank you" form the bottom of your heart? I know this happened to me. Well, picking the bridal party was easy, but what to give wasn't. Mind you my wedding was nearly 6 years ago, pre-Pinterest, and well, I had some generic but sweet minded things for my girls. I gave them bracelets with a little locket. I had them engraved, with the one side saying maid of honor/bridesmaid, the other side had their name. I included some nail polish and a gift card to Victoria's Secret. Not fabulous, but the loved it. I also treated MOH and MIL to a mani/pedi, and for their hair and makeup to be done. 

Lucky for you lovelies we have some advice to share with you to hopefully inspire some ideas! We hope you find this post helpful, and please comment what you plan to do with your bridesmaids, or what you did if you are already married. 

With a beautiful, shiny diamond on your finger, you're now knee-deep in planning your wedding down to the last detail-and there are a lot of details. Close family and friends are likely now intimately involved in your day. From the moment you said "yes," you knew you wanted them to be standing beside you.

The Ask

What an honor to ask your best friends to be in your bridal party. To do so, put together cards or packages to ask them to be part of your special day. If they live close by, present the gifts in person. If they're out-of-town, package up and send off your gifts. Write up a special note gleaning inspiration from ideas on Pinterest, or purchase pretty stationery from an independent seller on Etsy. Some brides like to include a small gift such as flowers or chocolate with their notes. The point is to make it special and memorable.

Most of the girls you ask will be thrilled to be a part of your day, but the responsibilities of being a bridesmaid is a tall order. Don't be offended if someone wants to stay on the sidelines.

The Day

You've been counting down to your wedding day, but it's important to remember that the day isn't just for you. Your best friends and family likely took off work or traveled to spend the day (or maybe even a full weekend) with you. Show them you appreciate their support with a generous but tasteful gift. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Make it personal by picking out a different pair of earrings for each woman. Base the designate-ornate, chunky, simple-on her style and personality. Macy's has beautiful options that will fit your girls' range of styles and also, your wallet. 
  • Stella and Dot has many affordable jewelry options including earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. All come boxed in bright wrapping that sport affirming phrases like "Hello Gorgeous." 
  • For bridesmaids who don't wear jewelry, consider cashmere scarves from a store like Nordstrom. 
  • You may want to further recognize your maid or matron of honor. Purchase elegant Coach wristlets for your bridesmaids and a beautiful Coach handbag for your bestie. She's stood by you for years. This way, she can stay stylish while she stands by you for many more. 
  • You may want to gift an experience instead of a material object. Feeling beautiful is a gift in itself. Treat your bridesmaids to a mani-pedi before the big day or arrange for their hair and makeup to be done for the wedding. 
  • If you have the whole weekend with them, take them all out to a nice dinner to say thank you, or visit a local winery and enjoy an evening together. 

Although traditional bridal parties consist of all women, less conventional ones might include men as well. If you do have a male in your bridal party, look into a gift like an engraved flask or classy pair of silver or gold cufflinks.

Show your biggest fans you're grateful for their friendship and appreciate their support as you marry the man of your dreams.

Great points here! If I had to do over, I'd do a weekend getaway for sure, as my thanks to the ladies, but I still like a little piece of jewelry they can all wear down the aisle. 

Let us know your take from this in the comments below!