Bridal Beauty: Noevir

Noevir, skincare, skin care
Hello lovely readers! I wanted to share with you something fabulous that I discovered last weekend. Before I continue, I must share that I am a consultant now for this company, but I really want to share my story on the products, and why I think they are great for brides to use leading up to the wedding day, and obviously beyond. If you don't care to hear about the company, or how I was affected, I completely understand. While I'm a consultant, I am just a girl sharing how this has changed my skincare practices in the short week since I discovered them, and it's affect on my face.

So, if you're still with me, let me introduce to you Noevir, your new best friend for your skincare needs! Never heard of them? Nor had I until last Sunday!  Noevir is a company that sells beauty products from skincare to makeup to herbal teas. Their headquarters is in Japan, and their reach is global, by word of mouth. I was invited to a "facial party" hosted by a dear friend's mom, whom is also a dear friend. I had no idea what I was going for, but I thought it would be a great time to catch up and surround myself with women for a change.

Noevir, skincare, skin care

I get to the party and I'm chatting with people, wondering what it's all about, this Noevir company. So, I got to try their line of products for taking care of the face. OMG, this stuff is amazing! My face has never looked so good in just one use of the product line, which is called 99 Skincare, which is made for 30-40 year old skin. They have a line for 20-30 and for 50+ years. It's all to combat anti-aging, which I'm all about....who isn't? I've got crow's feet and laugh lines for sure. I want to stop them where they are, and hopefully see if they will decrease with the moisturizing effects of these products.

I'm not trying to pitch this, truly, I'm just sharing that this stuff is truly amazing for me, and I think many brides, women, even men (yes, they carry men products too!), can relate, especially if they have a big day ahead where they will be center of attention. But it goes beyond that one day, it shows you know how to care for your skin, and people will want to know your secret. Many people don't tell people about this so it is a secret to some!

I am very fare, and my skin is sensitive to so many products. I'm always red faced blotchy after applying a cleanser or moisturizer, and I feel I've gone through every product out there. I don't get those reactions at all with this, it actually balances my face, no redness at all, and leaves me with hydrated glowing skin! It doesn't feel oily at all, but it feels like I'm in a humid environment slightly, and wow my face is so soft! I was recently having a serious dry crepe skin thing happening under my eyes, which freaked me out, and I didn't know what to do. That's not an issue any longer! I don't know what was going on there, but under my eyes is soft and well hydrated.

I was given a week long sample of the line to take home, which I'm so happy for. My husband came home from work yesterday and when he looked at my face he smiled and said "aww, you're glowy", and kissed me! Being a mom, raising a toddler day in/day out is tiring, draining, and I tend to look haggard at the end of the day. This week, I don't look as tired, even though I feel it on the inside....major kudos for this!

An interesting point that was brought up by many women in this gathering was that those whom have used the coveted and highly expensive "La Prairie" beauty line, dropped that to go with Noevir, and they never looked back. I've never used "La Prairie", though I've heard of it and seen their price tags....that would be a month's salary, and I just can't justify that. I can justify Noevir, and the fact that the set for 99 Skincare, and other sets, can last up to 8 months, as not much is needed per use. 8 months! I've never owned a product to last that long, have you?

As I was won over by the products, I decided to become a rep myself! This means that I will soon be offering giveaways for you lovelies to try the products in the coming future, so stay tuned for those updates! I haven't tired the makeup, body care, hair care nor teas yet, but I will. I'm just excited my face has changed a bit, and had to share with you all.

So, brides, if you're looking on how to achieve beautiful glowing skin in time for your wedding, Noevir is a place to turn to for sure.  Applying makeup over the dewy face is extra helpful for staying power for your long beautiful day.

I'm so glad I was invited to try the products out! Check out my consultant website if you're interested in the products and opportunities:

Thanks for reading, and seriously, stay tuned for those giveaways!

Best Wishes,