Bridal Beauty: Step-by-step diet & supplement plan for the bride-to-be

Lovely brides-to-be out there, do you have a plan in place for how you wish to look by your wedding day, from hair health, to glowing skin, and fitness? This is a common topic, with many different responses. Many brides do have a goal, and a plan laid out that they stick to, from engagement to aisle time. Some brides don't have a plan, they just kind of wing it on their own, and maybe results are welcomed. Which describes you? I wish I had had a plan in place, as I completely just went with whatever flow, and watched what I ate, while I traveled for business.

Luckily for you lovelies, we do have some advice to share, from contributor Jefferey Morgan! He's written a few great articles for us regarding bridal beauty and health, and we're happy he's brought us more advice for brides to look and feel their best for their best day ever! Please enjoy, and let us know if any of his points are helpful!

Future brides want to look amazing on their big day. They all thrive for perfect skin, healthy hair and a glowing complexion. Sadly, it’s not that easy to drop 20 pounds in a week. A proper diet & supplement plan is advised if you want your body to exude freshness and beauty. Start a regime with at least 2 months before the wedding, and stay away from crash diets and other drastic measures to lose weight. There’s no point in looking 20 pounds skinnier if your skin is dry and your hair start falling in the middle of the reception. Here’s a reasonable step-by-step diet & supplement guide for future brides who want to shine on their wedding day.

Have reasonable expectations and don’t resort to drastic measures

Turning to drastic measures such as crash dieting just to lose a couple of pounds before the wedding, is a terrible idea. Aside from putting your general health in danger, yo-yo dieting will only make things worse after the wedding, when you’ll go back your old lifestyle and start eating normally again. Planning a wedding is stressful, and many future brides either don’t eat when they’re stressed, or eat too much. Rather than resort to drastic measures, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Here are some tips to help you out:

· Settle on a diet plan with at least 2 months before the wedding

· Consult a nutritionist to help you organize your meals

· Get a personal trainer

· Supplementation may be advised, but make sure you’re choose all-natural dietary supplements


If you’re wedding is 1 month away and you haven’t managed to quit ice cream yet, now it would be the time to give it another try. Proper nutrition is essential for brides-to-be. No alcohol, caffeine, dairy, sugar and no processed foods; however, there plenty of other great foods you can add to your regime. Eat a lot of leafy greens because they’re packed with fiber. These help with proper blood circulation, support the elasticity of the skin, and provide adequate amounts of antioxidants to ward off free radicals. Hydration is equally important. Brides-to-be should drink about 2 liters of water daily.


It’s important to workout at least 4 times a week if you want to be in shape for your wedding. Cardio is ideal not just because it helps you lose weight, but also because it tightens the skin, boosts the mood and builds muscle tone. According to most experts, when the body feels good it also looks good. If you’re not into cardio, opt for some other type of workout like swimming, running or biking.

Body brushing

Food and exercise alone are not enough to make your body look perfect in 30 days. Brushing and other massage therapies are advised to stimulate the lymphatic system and deeply exfoliate the skin’s surface. Use a natural bristle brush on a daily basis before taking a shower to help the body relieve toxins, water retention and fatigue. Focus on the pelvic area and move up rubbing the tummy using circular moves. Of course, if you can afford to go to a spa, there are numerous treatments you can opt for to improve the general aspect of your skin such as: scrubs (with salt, coffee, sugar, honey, etc.), remodeling treatments with lasers, and other reshaping programs.


As far as supplements as concerned, it is important for future brides to understand that they won’t replace healthy meals. Nevertheless, some are advised to help fill in the gaps and give you a health boost. Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) for example, regulate hormones. They’re excellent for glowing skin and strong hair. For more energy, turn to the B vitamins and for an improved digestive system, probiotics are excellent choices.

Future brides should pay close attention to their diets if they want to preserve their health and beauty on their big day. Healthy foods based on fruits, vegetables and lean meats are fundamental. Exercise and hydration are equally important; last but not least, supplementing your diet with omega-3s and B vitamins will help you look and feel healthy. As long as you adhere to a healthy diet plan and you exercise, you have the highest chances of looking amazing on your wedding day.

By Jefferey Morgan and!

Did you find any of this helpful?  Exercise is definitely key. Have you seen those "bridal 5K's"? I see them pop up, and they look so fun, full of brides running 3.2 miles in their wedding gowns! Might be fun to keep that on the look out if you're interested. Or, gather your whole bridal party to run in a 5K, and wear sashes or shirts commemorating the upcoming wedding. 

Have you ever heard of body brushing? That's a new one for  me, but sounds interesting! Our thanks as always to Jefferey for bringing us this helpful insight and nutrition information! 

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