Real Couples: Anna & Femi's Beautiful Sunlit Engagement Session

Hello friends! Do we have a gorgeous engagement session to share with you today, featuring a head over heels in love couple, enveloped in the most beautiful winter time lighting! Georgia Photographer Andie Freeman was there to shoot some epic frames of Anna & Femi, and boy did the sunlight work in her favor!

Here's a little bit about her time spent photographing this lovely couple:
Anna and Femi were a true joy to work with as a couple. They met while both attending the University of Georgia. Femi is from Nigeria and all of his family still lives in Nigeria. Because they were getting married in June, we needed to do a winter engagement session. Here in the South, with no snow, you have to pick your winter locations very carefully. I was extremely pleased with this location. In a winter location, because there isn't the amount of flowers or greenery that you would get in an engagement session in a different season, it is all about light. You have to have amazing light. And we definitely did! Even though it was the middle of December, we found some gorgeous places for backdrops. Anna and Femi love the outdoors and the State Botanical Gardens was a great choice. There were browned goldenrod flowers that we backlit with a lime green couch in front. The effect was magical. We also used a forest to give the session a magical and ethereal feel. We found berries to photograph around and even found a blooming cherry blossom tree!! 

Magical indeed! Do enjoy Anna & Femi's Beautiful Sunlit Engagement Session, as captured by Andie Freeman Photography:

Anna & Femi's joy and love filled smiles and stares are just as brilliant as the glorious lighting captured surrounding them. It's breathtaking! 

I'm also a fan of the vintage furniture used in the shots, it makes it rustic and very romantic. 

Our thanks again to Andie Freeman Photography for submitting to us again your lovely work! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights