Real Couples: Sarah & Steven's Cozy Inn Engagement Session

Much of the US might be under heavy snow and ice right now (Not in Arizona....wink, wink), and so this couple's cozy wintertime engagement session from Jessica Connery Photography is definitely fitting! The session took place at The Lord Jeffrey Inn, in Amherst, Massachusetts. What's better than being with a significant other on a cold day, with a crackling fire nearby, warm blankets and hot herbal tea, at an historic inn? Sounds perfect to us!

Photographer Jessica shared a bit about Sarah & Steven's session with us:
When I discussed the session with Sarah she mentioned that she and her fiancé are a bit camera shy. I suggested that we photograph their session around some sort of activity like having tea and the cozy fireside session was born. Since New England can be a bit finicky in March we never know whether we will be dealing with snow, rain or sun and we wanted to make sure we did the session at a location that could provide some warmth and shelter. The Lord Jeffrey Inn was a perfect spot for just what we were looking for. We ended up with a beautiful winter day with just a bit of snow left on the ground.

Beautiful indeed! And you cannot tell this couple was camera shy, in fact their eyes on each other and their smitten stares were as if the camera wasn't there. 

Please enjoy Sarah & Steven's Cozy Inn Engagement Session, captured beautifully by Jessica Connery Photography:

Our thanks to Jessica Connery Photography for sending over this couple's cozy engagement session! Stay warm, all! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights