Advice: Say 'I Do' to Digital Wedding Invitations

When it comes to your wedding invitations, are you going full paper, or avoiding paper period? If you're planning to save a few trees, we have some great tips for you to consider when choosing the online wedding invitation route. Please read through and let us know which way you are going to invite your guests!

You have selected a wedding date, so now it’s time to get the guests there with a beautifully designed invitation.

With so many websites that offer digital wedding invitations, you don’t have to spend a fortune on custom printing or design. Get a little creative and showcase your designer skills by choosing the perfect images, theme and design for your digital wedding invitation.

If you’re new to the invite world, we’ve got the low-down on creating the perfect wedding invitation, from purchasing a photo to drawing up a design. Here is a brides guide for creating the perfect digital wedding invitation.

Think Theme

First, you want to create an invite that goes with the theme of your wedding or showcases your own personal style. Pinterest is a great resource for finding wedding invite inspiration. Search the site and "pin" some of your favorites to a special wedding board. Many of the photos are linked to the sites that specialize in digital invitations or simply use the design as inspiration. You can choose your own digital printing company based on your budget and the design template you like. Your theme should convey the tone of your wedding. For beach weddings think coastal pastels. For elegant weddings use deep colors and formal design. Find inspiration in a style that speaks to you.

Procure the Perfect Photo

After finding some inspiration, now it’s time to choose the perfect digital image or images for your digital wedding invite. Remember, you want high-quality images that will not appear pixelated, blurry or anything but clear on your invite. There are many stock photography sites that are inexpensive and have thousands of images you can choose from. With stock photography sites like Shutterstock, you can purchase a photo to use on your invitation. For the few dollars you spend, you will know the exact specs of the photo and have the guarantee that it is a high-quality image.
Although your invite is digital, some guests may use their printer to keep the invite on their fridge or in their planner. Make sure that before you send out the invite, your design is printer-friendly and looks great on paper too.

Delightful Design

After you have your images, it’s time to get designing. Play around with different sites like Evite and Paperless Post to see which resource best suits your needs and matches up with your style, depending on the design aesthetic you want to achieve. These invitation design sites help guide you with pre-designed templates you can customize so you are not starting from scratch. Also keep in mind that you want your digital invitation to look just as great as a printed invitation. Even though it is a cost-efficient, eco-friendly way to spread the word, design sites help you create professional-looking invitations that look polished.

Remember, choosing and creating the perfect design takes time and is not just a project you can pull off in a night. Allow yourself a month or two to explore your options, think about the design and make sure that it looks perfect on and off screen.

I do have to say, I love Paperless Post for sending online invitations. They look professional even when you receive the invitation in an "envelope" for you to open! There is even a print option when making your online invitations, in case you want a paper copy or two, which can be scrapbooked, etc. 

Let us know if you see yourself inviting your guests with technology, rather than the traditional way. We'd love to hear your thoughts!