Bridal Beauty: Beauty Superfoods for Brides to Consider

We have a really great article to share with you today, that comes to us from Jefferey Morgan and The topic deals with superfoods that brides might want to consider, in order to achieve their best in their bridal beauty regimen. From blueberries, to eggs and salmon, Jefferey covers em' all, and we hope you find the information below beneficial!

Glowing, healthy beautifully-looking skin is a woman’s finest accessory whether she’s out shopping for groceries or attending an exclusive party. A bride-to-be however, wants her appearance to look flawless on her big day, and we’re not just talking about skin here. It’s really important for a future bride to have shiny hair too. What can women do to look and feel great when walking down the aisle?

Today’s advanced cosmetic industry works miracles, and while there are potent products and supplements to restore physical appearance, ultimately it’s the food that we eat that matters the most. True health begins within our bodies, and women should stop depriving theirs of essential nutrients that can only be taken from food. A lot of brides-to-be adopt fad diets to lose weight and look slim before their big day.

This approach weakens the body, and when your system lacks essential vitamins and minerals it begins to send all sorts of signals. Your skin starts looking bad; your hair becomes brittle, and your overall sense of wellbeing declines. Here a few killer superfoods you should include in larger quantities into your diet if you want to look and feel gorgeous on your big day.


They might seem small but they pack insane amounts of antioxidants. Blueberries are excellent fruits against dull skin. Together with other berries from the family, they contain solid quantities of vitamin C; by boosting your intake of blueberries you’ll have brighter, more youthful-looking skin. These tiny fruits also fight free radical damage which speeds up the aging process. Include 1-2 handful of blueberries daily and you will feel invigorated, energetic and full of life when it’s time to walk down that beautiful aisle together with your loved one.


Eggs are superfoods because of their multiple purposes. Aside from being an excellent source of protein, eggs are often used topically on the hair and face. Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of olive oil; stir and apply on the dry hair and face. Leave the mix to blend into your skin and scalp for 15 minutes. The end result – a beautiful, soft-looking skin and nourished hair follicles. Eggs have so many benefits because they contain riboflavin or vitamin B2, a type of vitamin that is in charge of people’s level of glow in the skin.


Mangoes are great for women with pale, washed out skin. You have to look your best on your wedding, so you should include more mangoes into your diet. Aside from helping the body burn more fat, this exotic fruit contains carotenoids, which are pigments meant to enhance the overall color of the complexion. By eating more mangoes you’ll have a cheeky and rosy skin at the wedding.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is an excellent alternative to your regular full-fat cheese. If your complexion lacks glow, it could be due to a lack of moisture. If you want your complexion to glow and look healthy, it is important to hydrate it. Thus you’ll keep it away from looking dry and dull. Cottage cheese has solid amounts of selenium; it is a type of dairy that infuses moisture into the skin.

Dried apricots

Pale, uneven and pasty skin tone will make your wedding photos look washed out. That’s something you don’t want; a quick fix is to include dried apricots into your diet. They have solid amounts of iron, which means they can successfully even the skin tone. You’ll be a step closer to a luminous, flawless complexion.


The benefits of salmon are endless. Because it contains omega-3 fats, this food doesn’t just take care of the skin. It keeps your heart healthy and bones strong. For the complexion, healthy fatty acids act like all-natural lubricants. They ward off inflammation and redness, making the skin look brighter and more younger-looking. Include 2 servings of salmon into your weekly diet, and on the day of your wedding comes your skin will look flawless.

Food keeps us the healthiest, and while we may have to supplement our diet every now and then with vitamins, it’s really important to adhere to a proper diet if we want to look our best. Brides-to-be should know that the way to a perfect body before their wedding is not a crash diet, but healthy food and exercise.

By Jefferey Morgan and!

So, are any of these in your regimen, or will be now after you've read through the post? As a past bride, and I am really working on my health, for body, skin and hair, I have a taken a lot of this into consideration. Eggs are so yummy, yet many feel they are added fat. If cooked properly, boiled, poached or "fried" in olive oil, it's helpful! Summer brings a bounty of berries, and I can never turn down a properly cooked salmon. I think of health, others can think of health, yes, and then the added benefits of such produce in the diet to help us from within the body to shine outwardly, is of great importance. Beauty comes from within is the key takeaway for me! 

My many thanks again to Jefferey Morgan and for the sound advice on sharing how brides can get wedding day ready, in a very healthy manner. 

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