Real Couples: Bethany & Dunovan's Fall Engagement Session

We are loving this sweet couple's engagement session, sent over by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Nicole Amanda Photography! It takes place at Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Canada. The fall lighting enshrouding Bethany & Dunovan is beautifully captured in the shots, as you shall soon see. 

Here's a sweet little tid bit about the couple in their words:
In her words: 
We met near the beginning of our grade 11 year of high school (fall of 2008). We went bowling on a double date with two of our friends from high school. About a week after we had "officially" started dating - in the fall of 2009. I felt a little awkward (obviously) but happy and excited!

The Proposal:
It was a week-long event! About a week before the planned proposal he started giving me gifts and outings each day. One day we went to a Sens vs. Leafs game, we went to the Keg for a lovely dinner out, etc., and I started getting presents - things he knows I really love - like tea, chocolate, Disney movies, a gift card to go shopping, as well as roses with notes attached to each stating reasons why he loves me. Then on the day itself we went to the small town I grew up in and went out for lunch, I got more flowers, and then we went for a walk on a country path close to my childhood home. He gave me his iPod as we were walking and got me to listen to me "Marry Me" by Train. When I was done he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Then when we got back to the car he gave me a notebook he had started keeping months before outlining his plans for the proposal!"

From the groom:
"We met via going to school together. We went on a double date with some friends to go bowling. I felt nervous and happy to be spending time with her.

The Proposal:
I started a week long gift giving event for her by getting her things she enjoys. Then on the day of I took her to the town she grew up in and spent the day with her there and while we were going for a walk I dropped down and asked her.

Wow, so sweet! Please enjoy Bethany & Dunovan's Fall Engagement Session, captured by Nicole Amanda Photography:

So sweet! Our many thanks to Nicole Amanda Photography for sending over Bethany & Dunovan's session! 

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