Real Couples: Corey & Jessica's Vintage Movie Engagement Session

Who doesn't love the nostalgia of movies?! We sure do, and so does this smitten couple, as seen in their fun engagement session, sent over from Leah Marie Photography!  Corey and Jessica's session was inspired by their first date, and it's so sweet how it all came together. It includes movie related items like acting chairs, film reels, a projector screen and a clapperboard with a special message from the couple! 

I'm turning it over to Leah Marie Photography to share how this couple came to, and how this fun session took place:
Corey and Jessica met when they were 15 and in high school. They had the same group of friends, but at the time they never dated. Then Jessica moved to San Diego for college and after 2 and a half years she transferred schools and moved back home. The night she moved back home her best friend and her went to a friend's house and Corey was there. They talked all night long and went on their first date the next day.

Their first date was to the movies and the movie was kind of boring so periodically, Corey would ask Jessie questions like what her favorite restaurants were and what type of music she liked listening to. For their engagement session, they really wanted to pay homage to their first date so we set up a styled scene in the woods. Complete with a vintage projector, popcorn, movie reels and candy

Please enjoy Corey & Jessica's Vintage Movie Engagement Session, as captured by Leah Marie Photography:

So fun! I love all the vintage details! Wasn't the "save the date" mention on the clapperboard sweet! What a great way to bring it all back to the first date, even though they didn't care for the movie, they cared about their start and where it's all going. Our best to these two as they make their way to their big day and beyond! 

Our thanks to Leah Marie Photography for sending over the submission! 

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography//Event Designer: Madam Palooza
Submitted via Two Bright Lights