Product Review | Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Deep Conditioner

Tokara Hair Care Series Noevir

I have mentioned before that I am an Independent Consultant for Noevir, one of the best beauty product companies I've been introduced to. Noevir is based in Japan, and they use amazing natural minerals in their skin and hair care products. I have raved about their 99 Skincare Line, and am still thrilled with the results on my face. My skin is firm, soft and glows like it never has before. 

Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Deep Conditioner
Since my last review of the skincare line, I have tried the Tokara Sea Mineral hair care line. I have used the shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. My hair has never felt so thoroughly clean, and soft! The Tokara line uses marine extracts from the Tokara Sea—considered the world's purest ocean. There is a bit of a sea salt smell, combined with floral extracts...and to me it actually reminds me of a scent in Paris! I don't know what it is, but when I first smelled this, instant flashbacks from my time spent there came back. It must be the floral extracts used along with the sea minerals and new algae extract. But it's not tropical in scent, it's a clean floral smell with a touch of sea aroma, and I really like it. 

I use the deep conditioner once a week, and love it! After I use the shampoo, I paste this all over my hair and let it sit while I continue with my routine. After I rinse it out and towel dry, I run a comb through from top of scalp to ends of hair, and smile because the comb goes through with ease. The deep conditioner is comprised of super refined sea minerals and marine protein that supplement the hair's natural moisture and strengthens and protects each strand; while sea clay provides anti-bacterial benefits.  That clay is where it's at! It's a thick paste, unlike "liquid" conditioner. 

If you're looking for something natural and entirely healthy for your hair, give the Noevir Tokara Hair Care line a try, especially the Deep Conditioner! You'll be glad you did!