5 Low-Cost Date Ideas for Newlyweds

After the hectic wedding planning has wrapped up, the big day has passed, and you're living blissfully as newlyweds, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. Quality time is crucial, but you're on a strict budget.

Seek out creative date night ideas that cost little to nothing. Check out a few of these low-cost activities for couples—you may even decide to incorporate them into your regular weekly routine!

1. Create a Tropical Getaway

You don’t need to drop a small fortune on a beachside oasis to reconnect with your partner. Mix up some vacation-inspired cocktails, turn up the music, and grab some fun pool floats. Start out your date night by watching the sunset and dining alfresco on your deck, before taking a splash under the soft lighting of Tiki torches. Plus, if there’s a nearby hot tub, it's an opportunity to really heat things up!

2. See an Improv Show

Comedy shows are cheaper, easier to score tickets, and can be even funnier than the latest Broadway performance down the street. Many improv shows also give away free tickets in exchange for a drink minimum. Fill up on snacks or a quick meal at home before heading out for a night of laughs.

Looking for something more creative? Turn your date into a challenge and look for a venue that hosts open mic night. Turn the evening into a contest to see who gets the most laughs—the winner buys the loser a drink, and has bragging rights for life!

3. Eat at a Food Truck

Food trucks have rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. While you can still get a hot dog or pretzel from a curbside kiosk, food trucks now also serve sophisticated cuisine. Look for festivals, food truck parks, and street vendors in your nearest big city and take a walk while munching on gourmet tacos, pork buns, homemade ice cream, and sandwiches.

Enhance your street food adventure by watching street performers and buskers as they entertain in public squares. Conclude your evening with a relaxing stroll through the park.

4. Fly a Kite

Bring out the childlike wonder in your relationship and fly a kite. Buy one already made from a store, or look for online tutorials to build your own soaring work of art together. Pick an open field and let your kite set sail while you catch up on your work week, life, and your relationship. Pack a bottle of wine and snacks, and tie your kite to a picnic basket while you unwind in the wind.

5. Take a Brewery or Wine Tour

Many breweries and wineries offer free tours and admission nights, ongoing discounts, and drink coupon specials. By visiting one in your area, you’ll also get to see behind the scenes as beer is brewed and maybe even snag some tips on wine pairing for your next couples' dinner party.

Take your time through the tour and spend the better part of the afternoon enjoying your beverages and grazing on free snacks.