Advice: How to tone up and slim down for your wedding day

We have some more tips for you lovely brides to be's out there, on how to tone up in time for your wedding day! Our thanks again to Jefferey Morgan for sending these savvy fitness tips our way!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. You will have spent many weeks, months or maybe even years planning this big day. The closer the day comes the more you will probably be thinking about what you will look like on the big day and how you can look your best.

Research shows that 80% of brides and at least half of their families will be considering how best to change their figure for the big day. The following tips will help you to achieve your ideal body in time for the big day:

Why now?

Losing weight, however much or little will not make you a better bride but they will increase your confidence. The other main reason for now being the best time to lose weight is that this is the start of your new life and you should start as you mean to go on. You are becoming part of a couple but you are still your own person and need to be confident in whom you are.

Just because you’re getting married, it doesn’t mean you should starve yourself to lose 10 pounds fast. As soon as the wedding is over, you will get back to your old lifestyle and probably eating more than usual since you deprived your body of essential nutrients at the wedding.

How to start

This is not the time to focus on loosing every single pound you can. A new start is the time to become the healthiest, fittest you that you can be. Before you do anything undertake some research. Speak to nutritionists and diet experts. Search the web for advice and speak to friends who have tried the same thing. Above all focus on creating a plan that includes, exercise, nutrition, cardiovascular health and strength training and stretching.

The workout plan

There are many diets and exercise plans available to choose from. It can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Any plan should be fun as this will ensure you stick to it both before the wedding and after. As this has been inspired by your big day it is also worth considering what style and type of dress you are intending to wear. This will help you know which areas of your body are the most important to focus on. Your current physical capabilities will also play an important part in which diet and exercise plan to follow.

You cannot undertake a marathon if you have not run in years! A particularly important point is the time you have available. You need to set your target weight loss amount at a value that is reasonable to achieve in the time you have before your bid day. There is another stress before the wedding day you do not need more!

Keep eating but don’t go overboard

Not eating is not a diet plan and not a safe way to lose weight. In the build up to your wedding you will need every bit of energy you have Eating healthily will also ensure you have a happier, balanced relationship. The body needs many nutrients and if you do not eat enough it will go into starvation mode. This actually means it will store more fat than normal and will certainly not help with weight loss.


It has been suggested that a bride to be can make as many as two hundred decisions in the build up to her wedding. You will be under considerable stress and this will get worse every time something does not go to plan. It may seem difficult to plan a set amount of time to exercise and eat properly but this time is essential. It will be the few moments of each day when you can take your mind away from wedding preparations and allow your body to de-stress. Additionally, the endorphins you will get from exercising will make all the decisions that little bit easier.

It’s almost impossible to keep calm when you’re 4 weeks away from the most important day of your life. And yet you must find balance. Tone up your body with a proper workout routine and adhere to a healthy diet. This is the surest way to look amazing when the time to walk down the aisle will come.

By Jefferey Morgan and!

Great tips, again! I really appreciate the message to not try to lose all the weight you can, but to just go for being the best, most fit/healthy version of yourself. Research before hand is key, as Jefferey mentioned. In the end, whatever plan you find yourself on, that doesn't have to just stop once your walk down the aisle is over, this plan will carry you into your marriage, too! I know this to be true, and I'm working on my fittest version of my self now, although I'm now married 6 years and have a 2 1/2 year old. It's not overnight, but with knowledge, resources and motivational people around you, success is at your fingertips. Go for it, brides! For other tips Jefferey has provided check that out here

Let us know your bridal regimen, routines, etc. We love feedback!

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