Jobyna & Mitch's One Year Anniversary Session

Are you celebrating your 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th, etc. wedding anniversary? Do you have plans to commemorate that anniversary with a photo session, possibly wear your wedding clothes again? Well, this lovely couple just embarked on their One Year Anniversary, decked out as they were a year ago, and Brandy Angel Photography was there to help them celebrate their 1 year milestone!

Here's what Brandy has to say of this lovely newlywed couple:
These two, Mitch and Jobyna, are obviously just as in love as they were a year ago when they married! They had so much fun donning their wedding attire and trying out their cake topper that have saved for a year. The cake may not have tasted as sweet as it did a year ago, but their love certainly is!

Please enjoy their One Year Anniversary Session, as captured by Brandy Angel Photography:

Happy One Year Anniversary to Jobyna & Mitch! Here's to many more! 

Thanks to Brandy Angel Photography for the submission!