Paige & Ryan's Field of Daisies Engagement Sesssion

It really doesn't get sweeter than seeing an engagement session set in a field of daisies. It sets a soft, delightful backdrop for a couple of young loves, as this adorable couple. Tekoa Rose Photography was there with Paige & Ryan, as they spent the day at Willamette Mission State Park, in Salem Oregon. Photographer Angela even stayed with them to welcome some evening shots with the moon shining upon the lovebirds.

Please enjoy Paige & Ryan's Field of Daisies Engagement Session, as captured by Tekoa Rose Photography:

So sweet, right? My heart is actually melting. Paige & Ryan's sweet love for one another was captured beautifully. Our thanks to Tekoa Rose Photography for sending your work our way! 

Photographer: Tekoa Rose Photography//Venue: Willamette Mission State Park
Submitted via Two Bright Lights