Nicole & Kenny's Rural River Landing Wedding

Have you had struggles in life as you planned your way to your best day ever? Well, this beautiful couple surely did, and Open Aperture Photography was there to capture their complete joy, with not a hint of struggle for their beautiful wedding day! 

Photographer Bob explains what they endured as they made their ways to their "I do's":
Kenny and Nicole did an amazing job of jumping over a number of obstacles to make it to, and survive, their wedding day:

-It was a brutally hot, humid late August day in rural Eastern North Carolina. The couple kept the outdoor ceremony brief, which made everybody happy, then retreated inside for their reception.
-Nicole worked 60-70 hours per week at two different jobs leading up to the wedding, a challenge that made planning difficult.
-Kenny was diagnosed with diabetes shortly before the wedding. He's had health issues related to this diagnosis leading up to and since wedding day.

Despite their struggles, they conquered a lot on the way to their wedding day, which also sets up how strong they are for their marriage. Planning a wedding is A LOT of work, and throw in the obstacles they endured, they're ready for the road ahead of them both. Hands up in the air for these two for surviving the obstacles, and many congrats on their marriage.

Please enjoy Nicole & Kenny's Rural Landing Wedding, captured by Open Aperture Photography:

Hats off to these two! What a gorgeous day, full of amazing smiles! 

I love Nicole's dress! The champagne lace overlay is stunning. I love the bright blue & yellow touches seen throughout, as well. It's the perfect color palette for a summertime wedding. And, that blue ombre cake is amazing! 

Thanks again to Open Aperture Photography for the beautiful submission!

Submitted via Two Bright Lights